Carolina Marin Missed The Masters Cup.

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

“Now believe it! Believe it’s 0-0. “Believe you, you can, er,” said Anders Thomson, who went to Thailand with Carolina Marin at the end of the second set. Taiwan’s No.1 player in the world, the Taiwanese, beat him 8-21 in 16 minutes to level the world badminton tour final, the famous masters cup. This Sunday’s show is the 2020 version, which is not controversial due to the pandemic.

The faces of Spaniards and Taiwanese are back. It was the 18th since the first confrontation (2014 World Cup) and the third in the past three weeks. Marlin won the first two games, not this Sunday. He missed three consecutive wins in the bubble in Bangkok, where the International Federation organized three tournaments, and he missed the masters, the only trophy he was missing.

“Speed, attack,” Thomson said at break. He did, but this Sunday he saw the best version of Taijiquan, and people heard him scream and celebrate scoring as usual. Taiwan beat Spain 21-14, 8-21 and 19-21 in 33 games in a controversial final. In the first set, as in the first two sets, Marlin didn’t give his opponents any choice. Da Ciying won for the second time in 16 minutes. When she was close to the championship in the third set, Carolina Marin made some non compulsive mistakes that doomed her to failure.

Ty pushed her to the bottom of the track and several times she was hit in front of the net. “Not yet. He’s good mentally and physically, but technically, we still have a lot of things to do,” his technician Fernando Rivas replied in an interview with this newspaper just a week ago. Is the one he saw in Thailand the best state of Carolina. He also warned coaches that competitors were increasingly studying her to find ways to surprise her, overthrow her and take her initiative away.

This is exactly what da Ciying did this Sunday. When the world rankings are updated, three consecutive finals will bring Carolina Marin back to the top three. In 2021, the Olympic Games and the world cup will be held in HELVA if Kovic allows it. In the home of the current Olympic champion, Marin has made a very good start. In these three weeks, she has won 13 of 15 games.

After going through the no championship finals in 2020 (he lost in Denmark in October and fell to a quarter in Germany in the second week), according to his technicians, the 27 year old has shown great personality, fast play, focus and good form in these three weeks. This Sunday’s game is the only one, opponents successfully pulled him on the rope, Spain in this game did not perform well.