Carmelo’S Penalty For Cuba!

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

On the morning of May 22, 1955, Carmelo, the athlete’s target, did what he had done on the commute in the past: building trust with breakfast attendants to learn how local experts took penalties: “there was no TV, we were blind.”

It’s a semi-final, against Barcelona in lekoltz. Barcelona’s expert is kubara. The way he throws things is worth a paragraph in helenio Herrera’s autobiography, which is written by his stepson Gonzalo Suarez with four hands, Then sports reporter, pseudonym Martin Girard: “his legs are very strong, he has a strong control over himself, he can throw them below: he goes all the way to the top of the ball, pretends to throw, when the goalkeeper throws himself to the goal, he will throw the ball to the ground. On the other side. (…) of course, some goalkeepers know their way of penalty and keep silent until you are really sent off. But they couldn’t stop the goal either because the strength and calmness allowed him to put the ball in his place

Cheating the goalkeeper, which is very common now, is a radical new thing. By then, the penalty was solved in one of the simplest ways: a cannon, usually responsible for the most powerful kicking defense.

Carmelo has a fixed idea: every player has a safe batting time with the greatest commitment. A waiter told him that for cubala, the punch was on the right side of the guard, upstairs. He gave her a ticket to the game.

Kubara’s prestige is enormous. His influence on our football is difficult to explain today. His way of stopping the ball with his feet or chest, his effective passing, his direct shots over obstacles, his complicated penalty kicks… It’s like jumping from a silent movie to a sound movie.

His brother-in-law, Fernando daucik, came to him as a coach, but that season is over and he has won the league title of lekoltz 2-3. It is said that he knows a lot about Barcelona players…

Madrid won the league and di Stefano was not available in the cup because he was a foreigner. Athletics and Barcelona are pursuing this, and then it’s as important as the league, or even more important. The League will only win the European Cup, and then it’s coming.

I filled the LES Corts blowout, even though the price was not recorded: a grandstand of 250 pesetas. In the 20 minutes of the game, arteche passed the players after the corner. When hope was reborn on the 26th, local fans were already worried about the worst: oru replaced Mankiw and aqui scored a penalty. Colts takes 1-1 for granted.

The biscuits (11) surrounded aqui, protesting. Carmelo used the commotion to come to the penalty spot, nailed his heel, twisted, twisted, and made a hole. Finally, the chaos was broken and kubara was ready to pitch. In Spain, no one could stop him from taking a penalty. He only lost once. He threw the ball on the club in front of de Boer because his back foot slipped. Kubara saw hoyto and put the ball in the back. Carmelo left, argued and put the ball in the penalty hole. Tessia aqui. Finally, they reached a compromise and the ball was placed on the edge of the small crater.

Carmelo has confirmed that cubala will choose his safe shot, so at the right time, he made a slight left throw, then immediately jumped right, up, fumbled for the ball, and the ball was coming.

There’s an aaaahhh! Disappointed in Colts. Carmelo Salta and his colleagues gathered to embrace him and took a picture that will appear in a number of publications on Monday. It’s all Spanish news: Carmelo blocked a penalty kick from Cuba! In a few weeks, it will become the theme of gentlemen’s barber shop, replacing the taurine season mood.

Barcelona were shocked by the 1-1 defeat and took the lead at 32’ga í nza. Between 20 ‘, 26’ and 32 ‘, with a sigh, the elimination match has been solved, and 0-2 will not move any more. It would be futile to start Barca 2-2 in San Mames. The player is in the final and he will win.

Cubala made 43 penalty shots in Barcelona, 40 of which scored. The third failure occurred in 1961, when Otero stopped in front of Betis in a downpour, turned the ball around, and the ball returned to his hands. He was an old, shabby cubala, so he didn’t surpass. Othello is the same as when cubala threw sticks in 1952.