Barcelona In Madrid

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

It’s not just a Coase Cologne, it’s not just a clarification. The women’s classic, which played for the first time at the John Cruyff stadium, explained that now the ball is blue, because Barcelona are constantly talking about joy and the championship after getting the approval of their most fierce opponent Atletico. He lost his compass in Iberia. He tried to eat Real Madrid at the same table, which has become one of the most competitive teams, but not enough to say his name in the new classic football. This Sunday, Barcelona won again (4-0 in the first round), and the undisputed leader has recorded 13 so far.

Although Madrid tried to be a leading player with the ball from the beginning and get out of the game orderly from the root, when they set foot on another court, the team became vague and lacked talent and wisdom to break the defensive harmony of azzurgrana, which is a block of help and cover. This has nothing to do with Barcelona’s attack, Barcelona soon found a way to hurt the opponent, perhaps too bold, because the defensive line is too far away from the goalkeeper. With good quarterbacks like Jennifer hermoso and alexia putras, Ruiz Cortez’s team soon began a boom in depth ball and band games, and they are also looking for a second line. An attack and a goal, mass is made up for by his performance under the stick, such as the baseball glove he pulled out in time in putras, the spear he hit, or the central volley of Mariona. But the bleeding from gangs is out of control.

Oshola warned that after Laila’s center, a pitcher who didn’t score, Hansen moved on – another Norwegian Recital – and scratched the post with a cross click. Until he passed a hole in the osola game, he walked diagonally to a place and tried to change it with a piece of Vaseline. Although it’s not enough because beauty picks up the reject and sends the ball to the net. This is the second time in the game, which confirms that Barcelona have no cough in the league. Earlier, in a static and experimental football match carefully designed by hermoso, Alexis had disfigured Madrid with a left-handed shot, bending the goalkeeper’s hand.

Madrid’s shy response lingers in the oak tree in the distance, and Sandra panios stops easily twice. Nothing can anchor Azul grana, who once again made a landmark move at home to celebrate Game 3; continuing Hansen’s game, a center nearly ambushed oshola on the goal line. He probably hit one after Patri’s move, but the mass took a step to avoid ridicule. He did not have.

It happened that Ivana passed a ball to alevines for the first time, where osola signed his second net. Then, in a pass that fell behind Madrid, the Nigerian striker tried a Vaseline again, and the mass could only peel off with a few hands outside the penalty area. A direct red card, which the girl then made up for with a penalty from marpi Leon against Jacobson, with a second yellow card (if pita is red, because she is the last defender) and two from Olga. In fact, Madrid did not give up his role as a football star, nor did he lay down his arms ahead of time, but all he could do was to stop Barcelona, who had completed their task in the first act and scored four goals for their old and new opponents on the road. This is a team without brakes. In this league, there are no opponents. Even in the classic.