Another Blow From Sports Leaders

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

This is a rare two games, two teams almost no goals, the opponent’s mistake led to six goals (2-4), which makes Atletico Madrid become the most leading team after visiting Cadiz. The eighth consecutive win for the Rossoneri gave them 50 points in their first 19 league games. A 100 point forecast is beginning to show that the title can only be lost by Simone and his players, who are 10 points ahead of the table and one less date. It was not easy for them to win game 8 because Cadiz had never lost a game, in which he could also object to Jill Manzano’s explanation of cork’s hands in the first and last act. With the score of 1-2, the student corrected his original decision after reviewing the way the Atletico captain played with all fours while leaning on the ground.

Atletico first looked in the mirror, his style is his own, when he seems to control the game 1-3, he wants to find himself. He almost lost the draw. Negro do and sapengic caught him and they hit obrak with their heads. A team in the east of Cadiz, he turned 4-4-2 into a castle and the ball into what he wanted. Trained in the set of opposite errors. The two players allowed him to play at halftime. A team far away from the other football team, breathing air in the Gulf, but Alvaro Sevilla has successfully returned to the first division and is now fighting to make a living. When he believed that three consecutive wins were possible, a more pleasant taste of the game finally recovered. He got savage, jimnes and Philip into trouble. It was only when cork finished the game in the last breath that he was sad about losing the game.

Cadiz knows what he’s playing. So the appointment is a test of how the leader manages himself in a party that will transfer command from the dressing room tunnel. In that game, Simone scored three more points in Madrid’s trophy. He faced the end of kvid-19, and Mario hermoso bet on Philip. To make up for kalasco’s absence, he was also affected by the coronavirus, shaking hands with two of the most versatile players. He took Max Lorent to the right lane and Saul to the left. In the bank, two carriages, vrsaljko and Lodi. It allows him to make torrera a midfield player and feel that there is a lot to do, a lot to do, a lot to do. The Uruguayan midfield gave cork a few metres lead.

From the beginning, Atletico had to play in Cadiz, which was not easy. Try to open a hole by rocking left and right. He lacks the speed of the ball and doesn’t move more than the inside players. Joe Felix, Lemar and Kirk have no contact with Luis Suarez. Sevilla’s team tried to stretch themselves with Jero, Salvi or Perea’s pipes, because Atletico’s mistakes or mistakes allowed him to run. Lorente didn’t speed up to win the bottom line, and Luis Suarez excitedly announced his presence and warmed up for Ledesma. Saul, who picked up the rebound, missed a finger to ambush the squadron’s internal strike. Joe Felix couldn’t run any more. He was hunted three meters away from the area. Luis Suarez made it clear there that it was his goal because he was more suitable for the right hand than the left. The combination is the people who put the ball in the net. Another league player’s record: 14 champions.

In the 0-1 situation, Cadiz had to change the record, but he was not crazy. He soon found a draw. Lemar’s defeat in the area left Negredo with a straight shot, and Negredo skated well inside. He doesn’t like the game very much either. A strategic move in a corner resulted in an incredible goal for Saul, and a strategic move between cork and Lemar between you and me finally took him to the top of the small area where he put his boots on the steering wheel. Touch is more like an extension than an auction. The fable is hit by the surprised Ledesma’s second stick. At the end of the first quarter, cork’s hand didn’t signal a penalty.

With the lead, Simone was in torrela’s seat at half-time and gave visaiko a chance. The campaign strengthened Marcos Lorent’s midfield. He soon found a way to adjudicate the game. Marcos Mauro shot Lemar innocently, and Suarez made the distance seem decisive. At that time, Atletico wanted to end the game by feeling the game. He retracts his lines and Simeon sits next to Lima and joachix, leaning against Roddy and Correa. One of Farley’s long-range centers rebounded on the spear. Since then, the local team began a disturbance in the air, which eclipsed Atletico Madrid. Negredo finished the game 2-3 and Jimenez suffered a serious head injury. Saponjic’s head, if he comes in, will wake up the old ghost of red and white fatalism. Correa buried them with a boarding school and a return ticket to cork.