Violence Hinders French Football

2021-01-30   |   by CusiGO

Arnaud rouger, general manager of the French league, has decided to suspend the Marseille and Rennes Olympic Games, which were scheduled to be held at 9pm on Saturday, after about 200 fans attacked Marseille’s training center and some players, Including Spaniard Alvaro Gonzalez soberon, “for the first time in the history of our professional football, we have to consider suspending games in training centers due to violence,” Luger said on the team. “It’s dramatic. The safety of training camp is not a league game, but we have paid the price

If the covid-19 threatens to paralyze the football industry for many years, France is at the center of the disaster. After the announcement of the epidemic, the economic and sports crisis that the French Alliance is experiencing, as well as the rupture caused by the sale of television rights to mediapro, has dealt a particularly severe blow to Marseille. The only French club with a European Cup has the best fans. It used to be a commercial advantage, but now the football craze turns leaders off. The most striking is Jacques Henry eraud, who suggested at a meeting last summer that a goal from 30 meters is worth two points.

Born in Paris in 1968, he received a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard University. Before becoming a model technocrat, he began his career at Euro Disney. No prototype contradicts the passion of France’s busiest Mediterranean port. Supporters have been battling eraud for months, and eraud is increasingly challenging every day. In his last speech, he announced that there were still some fans at the club.

On Saturday afternoon, a large group of super armed men carrying dozens of flares rushed into the commander’s training center. They all yelled, “Ailao, quit! “, They destroyed the furniture and set fire to a stage that soon sparked fighting. Before the police arrested more than 20 people, some members of the team were attacked. According to reports, Spanish Alvaro Gonzalez was attacked and robbed while trying to calm the mood of the aggressors. Alvaro is one of the most frequently heard voices in a crisis. After losing to Nim stadium two weeks ago, cantabro declared that the team had played “terrible”.

“There are 300 employees at the club who are shocked because what we see is so terrible,” he said. No one expected this barbaric tribe. I think we avoided the worst. There could be a drama. Those who appear in the order are not real supporters; they are destroyers, they are criminals, they represent nothing. ” Captain Steve mandanda joined the club as President: “I played at Om 13 years ago and I know this club like the back of my hand. I know that love and frustration can produce results. But today’s facts are unacceptable. The sports crisis can never justify such violence. ”

Olympiad is seventh in the league, 13 points higher than PSG and Lyon. His performance in the Champions League ended with one victory and five defeats in group C against Manchester City, Porto and Olympiacos. The president’s speech didn’t provide much excitement. He liked to go into the dressing room and throw Filipinos at his players. Portugal coach Andr é Vilas boas announced on Friday that he did not think he would renew his contract after two months of conflict and heated debate with the players and elaude. “Next year,” the technician said, “will be zero. There will be a thorough clean-up. ”

Fans have been demonstrating against eraud and the players since November. The banners on the city and its passageways emerge in endlessly. “Look back, eraud,” prayed the softest. “You’re disgusting,” said the other. “You make us sick.”

The coordinated action began on November 28 when a group of fans blocked the team’s bus as they left the stadium for Nantes. A player like Pater was subjected to a series of insults and he got out of the car to explain to the demagogues. Last Tuesday, the most radical groups, including fanatics and viergarde, decided to demonstrate again in front of commanders on Saturday, according to L’Equipe. Since then, isolated incidents have multiplied. This Friday, a man got out of the car in front of the sports city with a goat’s foot crowbar and threatened the guards. This is the prelude to the fire. The suspension due to extreme violence reveals an unsustainable situation that affects French football as a whole.