Mark Gasol Didn’T Shoot In The Lakers

2021-01-30   |   by CusiGO

Mark Gasol, who turned 36 on Friday, has been a starter in his 20th game with the Lakers. Since he joined the team on November 24, there has been a lot of praise for him, and he has almost never missed a brilliant assist. When he signed with the Lakers, it was known that he played an important role in the team’s game, but he didn’t play an important role in the attack. The Lakers left a strong smell of gunpowder on players like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Schroeder, Harrell, Kuzma and Caldwell Pope. Nevertheless, mark Gasol’s shooting percentage this season is still very low. His average shooting percentage is 3.2. The Lakers have 10 players who shoot more than him, with an average of 4 points in 20 minutes. This is the lowest in his career, lower than his worst years in this area. His 12 points in his first season in Memphis, or 7.5 points in his last season in Toronto, are far from the Grizzlies’ 19.5 points in 2016-2017, or his average 14.4 points in 13 and a half seasons in the NBA – which is equivalent to his contribution in the NBA. Spain won the Second World Cup in September 2019.

“We have to play more games through him,” LeBron James said “When we do that, we are very good, thanks to his vision of the game and his ability to pass the ball. We will get him more involved Team coach Frank Vogel only quotes mark when it comes to defense or the ball.

Rob pelinka, vice president of operations and team sports director, defined the team’s expectations for the season. “It’s not a lakeside show. The new comer’s hunger and energy should be well adapted. I think Vogel and his technical team have made it clear that the identity of this team is focused on defending and playing tough and brave basketball. When you have talented players like LeBron and Davis, it’s good to attack. As for the introduction, I think Schroeder is a defensive bullfighter, Harrell is one of the toughest players in the NBA, and mark Gasol is one of the best defensive players of the season. St. Boye’s Piot has replaced his No. 33 in the Lakers – retired in memory of Jabbar – with No. 14, but he hasn’t reached that point, the highest of which is his 12 points against Minnesota. In any other case, he didn’t have more than nine points, four times zero.

Jos é Manuel Calder ó n, who plays for the Lakers in the 2016-2017 season, has predicted the team’s expectations of mark: “they are looking for someone who has a good understanding of the game and the needs of the team, someone who knows that Anthony Davis should not always play five-point, but should always defend opponent Piot. In addition, mark will also give people something in the attack, he will help pass the ball, open up space, because he can shoot from the outside. He is a very comprehensive player and he knows how to adapt to the role the team needs. This is what they want, not a player who scores 40 points a day. In this respect, no one is better than mark. He will have different roles. “Some days I can score 20 minutes, some days I can’t even shoot; some days I have to play 40 minutes, some days I don’t need too much,” Calderon wrote in an article published in November. Mark had this idea when he signed with the Raptors in February 2019. “If one day you have 15 shots, shoot 15; if one day you have four, shoot four. Finally, it’s not about individuals or individuals, it’s about meeting the needs of the team, “he said.

His playing time (19.5 minutes this year, 7 minutes more than Dolan, 14 minutes less than Memphis last season) is in rebounds (4.6 times, 2 times less than raptors, nearly half less than Grizzlies) and assists (2.1 times, also less than Grizzlies). In the game against Minnesota on December 27, he was the best in attack and did not do well in pitching, but he scored four shots, including three three-point shots and one free kick. LeBron praised him: “the way he looks at the game is very similar to the way I look at it. We have players who can make the right moves, the right passes. Some people saw it before the game started. They’re on their heads. They have passes. Mark is one of them. He’s playing smart. ”

After losing to Philadelphia (107-106) and Detroit (107-92) and beating Celtic (95-96), the Lakers ranked third in the Western Conference, behind Utah, the NBA’s 11 consecutive wins and the Clippers.