Valencia Can’T Find An Epic In Front Of Zagiris

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Valencia’s basketball team did not perform well in the regular season of the European League in 2020-2021 and failed to win the direct duel between lafonteta and zagiris konas. They beat Lithuania 78-79 in a game in which the locals seemed to seize the game with epic speed, losing their horns to escape the playoffs. Valencia lost for the sixth time in the last eight top European games, which is the opposite of the winning streak in the ndessa League. But now he can’t move to Europe, which makes him one of the eighth winners with two wins ahead of Lithuania 11-11.

Jaume ponsarnau’s team once again made up for some offensive loopholes, but even so, they will win before Efes or Maccabi, which seems to have been lost for many times, but they finally left Kaunas because of Marius grigonis’ wonderful goal. Zagiris was more stable in the first three quarters of the game. With three wins in a row and the efforts of rubit (17 points) and lovene (13 points), he began to dominate the score after the first quarter (20-20). But Valencia basketball team was controlled by a stronger opponent in the attack (38-47).

The third quarter is not good for the local people, who are already behind the worrying 10 points (46-58), only three minutes away. There, he was able to react with a 9-2 score to retrieve his choice in the fourth quarter. Zagiris managed to seize his advantage, but he gradually lost his cool in the attack. Talongja led two places 64-66, but didn’t take the lead until after the crazy and unexpected game. Hermansen played “2 + 1” to give life (70-74), volkup hit back with a three-point (70-77) and another (73-77) to make up for it. The visiting team didn’t score in the next attack. They fired three shots at kalinichi. Kalinichi failed in the last attack. Hermanson seized a key offensive rebound and helped van Rosen sign another three-point ball, thus reversing the score (78-77). But with three seconds left, gregonis found a loophole in his defense to make room for himself and let his men win.