Tusquets, On Behalf Of Eric Garcia, Denounced The Laporta Candidate

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Carles Tusquets, chairman of Barcelona’s Governing Council, urged candidate and former president Joan Laporta to put the club’s interests “in front of voters” in a stern letter to Catalunya R á DIO. “I ask you not to ask or threaten the manager to make what you think is appropriate under the threat that you think is necessary for the club,” Tusquets wrote in the document.

Accordingly, the president of the authority replied to a letter from Laporta dated 22 January. The former president asked Tusquets to limit his performance to the daily management of the club, rather than to participate in the renewal or signing as Eric Garcia did. “If not,” Laporta wrote to Tusquets, “his performance may have an impact on the club and the club It will be an act of negligence, obstruction and suffering, with the management committee fully responsible. We will be directly and jointly responsible for the economic performance of Barcelona club during this period

Like candidates Victor Venter and Tony frecks, Tusquets likes to sign Manchester City Centre’s Eric Garcia in the winter market. Laporta, by contrast, opposed the contract and chose to join Barcelona’s defender despite Koman’s interest.

“If the Governing Council does not sign such a contract (Eric Garc í A’s contract), under no circumstances will it be threatened by its injustice and intolerance,” Tusquets wrote.

The chairman of the manager explained that if the Central Committee does not register, it is “because it is responsible and elegant to allow the club chairman elect to make the most appropriate decision at the right time”.

The election of the president of Azul grana club will be held on March 7.