The Future Of The Bouquet, Between The Lantern And The Financial Abyss

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Shortly before the 2018 Kiev Champions League final, Florentino Perez promised Sergio Ramos an extension of his contract if Real Madrid beat Liverpool, according to people familiar with the matter. The president again mentioned to the captain the extension of the agreement, which expires in June 2021. This June. When Ramos was 35. It ends in 2018, with the escape from power plants to China in 2019 and the end of the 2020 pandemic, the Kiev contract remains today’s.

For months, they have been arguing about the document in a more or less low-key way, and the disagreement stems from the initial coincidence. A few minutes after winning his last league title at Real Madrid, Perez said he wanted the captain to stay: “Sergio Ramos would be here for the rest of his life if it were for me,” he said. The player played a decisive role both on and off the pitch, where he helped the team quickly and noiselessly accept a 10% pay cut and give up all the bonuses. The captain also wants to continue, though he thinks he deserves more than Peres has so far offered him in content and liturgy.

These positions reflect another conversation in recent weeks. According to a source familiar with the meeting, Ramos told the president that he had received a generous proposal of $20 million per year from PSG, and Peres responded to it. Nasser kellafe, President of Paris Club, said, I called him to make sure it didn’t happen. The captain replied that Al khelaifi was deceiving him. “It’s best for you,” Peres replied, encouraging him to accept.

A source close to the PSG chairman denied the club’s interest in the centre forward: “it’s not true. 20 million? That’s more than mbape makes. This is ridiculous. Too many people use PSG, “he said.

According to sources close to Madrid’s office, Perez’s approach to Ramos in recent weeks includes a 10% pay cut this season, an extension of his contract with the same pay cut, and another year in this case. A source with knowledge of the captain’s position confirmed that the discussions were conducted under these parameters, but he was uneasy about the procedure.

Ramos’ uneasiness mainly comes from the formal aspect, which is very similar to Kiev’s temptation: short talk, more or less accidental meeting. The captain believes that his career and recent performance deserve more ceremony: a written proposal, a formal talk, specifying under what conditions the second year extension will take effect.

But Perez likes to manage his time. Now with Ramos, with Cristiano. In September 2012, the Portuguese apparently avoided celebrating his goal in Granada. At the end of the game, he ended the game with a dart: “I feel sorry for a professional problem, the club knows that, so I don’t celebrate the goal because I’m not happy. People here know why, “he said. He made a request to the president to improve the contract, and the president gave him a long time. Despite the pressure, the new agreement was not signed until a year later, in September 2013.

As he suggested to Ramos at the PSG meeting, the president of Madrid would rather let the central bank go than change his proposal. “If he leaves, we will bring another one,” said sources close to the directive, who explained that the financial environment is very delicate and that if the club receives a high enough offer, it will agree to sell to any player.

If Ramos can’t stay in Madrid, they are in touch with David Alaba, who will end his contract with Bayern in June, even though the footballer told them he won’t be able to decide his future until spring.

The negotiation with the captain is one of the most uncertain moments in the club’s history, with the club losing millions of dollars due to the lack of public participation, the crisis of the company with which he signed the business agreement and the decline of almost all revenue items.

In December, the conference of arbitrators approved a revenue account of 617 million euros, about 300 million euros less than expected. The impact of the epidemic on football clubs, especially the big clubs, is devastating, just like Barcelona, where debt surges, or PSG, is expected to lose 204 million euros this season. In the case of Madrid, there are 69 million red numbers in the approved accounts to be adjusted. Now it’s almost impossible to make a public appearance in the stadium for the rest of the season, and the main target of relegation is football players again. The club plans to cut them another 10% this year, but it has met resistance from players, although some, such as Luca Modric, have agreed to extend their contracts for another year.

Perez needs Ramos to reinvigorate the negotiations; Ramos needs to reach such an agreement so that his new contract can play a role in the crisis. Real Madrid know that the captain wants to get the last big contract as juicy as possible, At that time, he encountered some major business setbacks in the real estate business.