Spain Semi Final

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

First symphonic handball, then Hanukkah, Spain advanced to the World Cup semi-final, which has been rejected since 2015 in a tournament that has recently been elusive. Thanks to Rodrigo corales’ excellent performance and the injury of Norwegian talent Sandel sagorson, everything became easier. He was injured in the 22nd minute and withdrew from the game, only to make a short comeback in the second half. They didn’t give up, they rowed ashore like good Vikings and doubted their choice after the break, but the Galicia goalkeeper had an answer to almost everything: 19 interventions and 44% success rate.

When Spain do well, when it’s stuck in the dressing room, there’s always a goalkeeper from wizprem who stretches as much as he can. If Jodi Ribeira doesn’t know what will happen when the Spaniard is forced to update after the game, the goalkeeper will be a good lever. Corales, Perez de Vargas, two young people’s friends, both ride, both ride. On the other coast, in order to target Norway, there are Alex dujieshebayev (8 dinars) and Ruben Makan (6 did not fail), and the other two pillars can lay the foundation for the future. He is the first child of a unique legend and a novice to the group. He always shakes his head.

The national team will play Denmark in the final on Friday (20:30, TDP). Denmark beat Egypt by a dramatic score. After two delays, two players (Danish Mikel Hansen and Egyptian elmasli) were deported for sabotage when their team had won the game and wasted time. Absolutely crazy.

It was Rodrigo corales who stopped sargosen before physicists broke him. With the goals of the Galicians, Spain soon began to score. In the first ten minutes, he had blocked four goals from his former teammates at PSG, and he only scored one of the first five goals. The goalkeeper put the lasso on a central defense, while on the other side of the track, the Makan fulcrum cleared the road.

He was the last one to get into the team, there was no past except for the lower level national team, the Scandinavians drove them crazy, especially in the first half. So he directly created (four didn’t fail until half-time, plus a penalty and a forced exclusion) and the suspicion that he brought them into the body. In the first act, Norway’s backwardness got him into trouble, and Spain began to punish him from the outside. Marquette’s samurai bow tie, more frustrated than the last European, happily released his left arm, and Alex dujieshebayev joined the mission. Without sagson on the track, the national team’s handball was wide. El Paso’s 21 goals in the dressing room defined Jodi Ribeira’s great performance.

But the lights dimmed, and after half-time, the tuning group became a stuck combination. It took him six and a half minutes to attack. Only four in 15 minutes. Norway chased and ran as soon as they got the chance, but once again, the fence propped up the scaffolding. Another sensational intervention stopped the floods in northern Europe. At FENa, he moved on, scoring two goals in a delicate moment, joining the great Alex dujieshebayev, who left another key performance in the heat of the sun. The Scandinavians went all out to beat the desperate sagorson 26-22 in 13 minutes, but their presence was what I wanted and I couldn’t. The pain on one side must have brought the band back. Although the duel did not reverse, but their efforts continue, Spain once again entered the semi-finals, more or less found a bright road.

Spain: corales; sore (3, 2P), a. Dujshebaev (8), R. EntreRios (1), Canelas (1), a. Fernandez (3) and Makan (6) – starting lineup – Vargas (PS), A.G ó mez (1), Maqueda (4), Sarmiento (1), d.dujshebaev (3), ARI Λ o (-), figures (-), g.guardiola (-) and Morros (-).

Norway: Bergerud; bjornsen (-), reinkind (-), Overby (3), O’Sullivan (3), sagosen (4, 1P) and jondal (6) – starting lineup saeveras (PS), myrhol (2), tonesen (-), johannesen (4), tangen (1), Pettersen (-), Solstad (-), gulliksen (-) and blonz (3P)

Score every five minutes: 3-2, 6-5, 9-7, 12-8, 16-11 and 21-15 (break); 21-17, 23-20, 26-22, 27-23, 28-24 and 31-26 (final)

Referee: nachevsky and Nikolov. Two minutes to marqueda (2), Gideon Guardiola, oveby, reinkin and Solstad.

New capital Pavilion shut the door.

room. Denmark, 39 – Egypt, 38. France, 35 – Hungary, 32. Sweden, 35 Qatar, 23. Spain, 31 – Norway, 26.

Semi finals (Friday). Spain Denmark (20.30). France Sweden (17.30). TDP company

Third and fourth. Sunday. 14.30。

end. Sunday. 5.30。