Sevilla Beat Valencia

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

The cup needs some love. It’s a game, and it’s going to reward the people who bet for him. In the tense atmosphere, it’s clear that one team wants Sevilla, and the other team is more prominent in other games, such as Valencia. This factor is related to the huge difference between the two groups. Sevilla are eager to get almost everything, Valencia want to leave as soon as possible before burning, ranking very low in history. Harvey Gracia’s image is rather low-key.

In the league, Valencia forget the cup, it is easy to be troubled by Sevilla’s state. Lope gets his team up, but not as good as grace. Bono, Navas, Kund, acunia, lakitic, Jordan or Suso showed their strength in the case of Dejon or Munir, and they seized the opportunity.

Sevilla were brilliant in the quarter final, showing their quality and good form. Betis is waiting for him there, among other things, so the cup could be an exciting Derby in an advanced place like these rooms. For example, it’s a great opportunity for the newly signed, off call papu Gomez to premiere as a Seville.

Sevilla was so strong that he didn’t miss his goal. Ernecili beat an opponent who was a little excited at first and almost gave up the game in the end. Another key player has also been rested in his plan. He is Fernando, who will be very calm in next Saturday’s game against Ebar in laliga.

It all started with Suso’s boots, he painted a lot of talented passing and dribbling to untie an unanswered Valencia. 16 minutes later, garditano’s shot was very close to the goal defended by Rivero. Suso’s form is one of the keys to a good team performance. It’s hard for the midfield player to reach his best, especially physically, but when he does, he has become an absolutely important player for lopegi, who has been betting for him and asking Munch to sign for Andalusia.

Little by little, Sevilla conquered Valencia, beating Valencia without relief. Dejon led 1-0 in acunia’s corner and Valencia’s morale was low. It’s good to see Sevilla pass from behind with high quality and draw lots with a very good combination of players.

An obvious example is the second goal. The Dutchman made good use of a mistake made by de Jong. This was after 37 passes by lopegi. According to the data provided by OPTA, 11 Sevilla players participated in a series of precise passes. This is the longest pass sequence in laliga and the Spanish cup.

Valencia’s image is bad and Sevilla doesn’t want to stop. 38 minutes later, rajitic defeated the Andalusian river with a spectacular Vaseline. Valencia has only two players on the 11th, Paulista and Lazic. They all played in Atletico Madrid, which will only bring danger to rato’s attack. Rato’s centre back is promoted by Alex Blanco. It’s too little for a team with its own potential, especially the great history.

The second was almost a training session. Gracia pulled Paulista and Lazic out of the field and lifted his foot off the gas in view of the important games against Elche and Sevilla. Jordan had a great chance after a new acunia center, and only fear of Navas being injured tarnished Sevilla’s convincing victory. The international slowed down in his search for Valencia. These images were very worrying at first, and serious muscle damage was expected.

It’s time for him to use lopetegui to provide tickets for players like rekik, aleix Vidal or Idrissi, who must be an important part of a dynamic team in all three games and have a busy schedule.

When Valencia sighed for the end of the game, all three of them could make some praiseworthy moves. Rick threw a beautiful ball to Munir, who made a very clear move outside the frame of Rivero. Alex Vidal was too sudden in the game against white shark. He predicted Valencia’s attack very well and couldn’t go deep into IDRISI. IDRISI did well in the game against wass, who is one of the few remaining players of Gracia team. He participated in the team’s past and present games. It’s like he won the same game in 2019.

I know that lopegi even gave ennesili the last few minutes to think about the game against Ebar. In ipruya, Picchi of laliga will make the headlines. Valencia will have a major impact on Elche.