Munch Found His Father On The Way To Isco.

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Munch, Sevilla’s sports director, often compares his plans at the Andalusia club with a painting that always lacks some embellishment to show that he is a complete and executed work. Sevilla has become one of the biggest cheerleaders in the summer market, investing more than 60 million euros in the signing of Suso, Oscar Rodriguez, IDRISI, acunia, Bono, rekker and lakitic. This fourth place, Champions League team has been a big boost. But there is an important touch up to the painting.

After the departure of barnega, Sevilla lacks a player who can direct the game. He has the personality to put the ball in three-quarters of the area and filter out the correct pass in the most complex space. When Munch and coach julen lopeegui sat down to analyze potential candidates to fill the gap, the first name on the table was ISCO.

The Madrid player is a favorite of Yolen lopegi and he doesn’t even need to call Madrid. From 2017 to 2019, Munch has had good contacts in Italy since he became the sports director of Rome, His message is that Sevilla can stand out from PAP Gomez and his coach gian Piero Gasperini in the conflict in Atlanta. In the past few seasons, two of Italy’s most successful protagonists have clashed.

“If it wasn’t for the quarrel between Gasperini and PAP, we wouldn’t have this player,” Sevilla President Jose Castro admitted on Coptic’s microphone early Wednesday morning. This is what Munch himself calls “an insurmountable market opportunity.”.

Sevilla signed the most eye-catching player in the winter transfer market, paying Atalanta a a 6 million euro deposit, plus two variables, which is easy to achieve, according to the source of the deal. The player will earn slightly less than 3 million euros a year and will receive a bonus for the Andalucia club by 2024. This market opportunity led Munch to fire a 32 year old player, who is about to turn 33, which is not common in his behavior as sports director. But it’s no exception. In the summer of 2019, for example, he signed Fernando, 31, from Galatasaray.

The arrival of Papp has aroused great expectations of Sevilla fans. The footballer has an important response in the media and the Sevilla are very optimistic about the arrival of the Argentinian and the team’s performance in all competitions. What’s not very happy is lope. The technicians have said that aviraneda’s form is not the best. PAP has been training with his Atlanta subsidiary for more than a month after a fight with Gasperini.

“I want to continue to play at the most competitive level,” the player said during a special half-time in Sevilla. The Andalucia club did not want to ask reporters about the impact of the coronavirus on the Andalucia capital, even in the form of telematics. He distributed the photos and was interviewed by the entity’s official media.

“I didn’t expect the chance to come to Sevilla,” said the footballer, who was very excited when it came to his new team. His uncle Hugo Villaverde played with the Seville character Bertoni in the 1970s. He also mentioned Maradona’s signing in Andalusia, his good relationship with barnega, his playing with barnega’s junior national team in Argentina (he won the Under-20 World Cup), and the track of one of the best teams in Spanish football this century. The midfield also admitted how important the presence of Atletico Madrid coach Simeon has been in his career, coaching him in San Lorenzo of Argentina and Catania of Italy.

“Simeon found that I was in a rebellious stage. When I was 20 years old, I wanted to do something that I thought was right, but it was not. He always tells me how he should play when he comes to Europe. “Then we met in Catania,” said a footballer who idolized Pablo Aimar. Sevilla need to release a chip so Papp can play in the Champions League (against Dortmund) with his new team.