Mikel Hansen’S Puzzling Pythia

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

“I can’t sleep. I think you probably know why, “Mikel Hansen was right when he came to explain what happened on Thursday. Over the past decade, the Danish genius has been used to beating opponents and mastering handball, creating chaos in the World Cup semi-final against Spain a few hours ago.

When Egypt, a country that collapsed at the end of the extension, had surrendered, waiting to lose in the quarter finals, mane and the most famous stadium video collapsed, and no one knew how or why. Instead of making a few simple distractions to fool the clock in his life, he stopped the game in the last 15 seconds until the referee passively made two foul beeps. Instead of putting the ball on the ground as usual, he put it in a corner. A clear act of sabotage: eviction, penalty shootout, draw and second overtime.

Who can understand what mikkel Hansen, the 33 year old treble winner (Europe, the world and the Olympics), has done during the season, he is the highest paid player and has been rated the best player in the world three times? Fortunately, sitting on a folding chair in the corner of the pavilion, he saw that the chaos did not stop. With two seconds left in the second extension, African elmarsri made another incomprehensible destruction, leading to a penalty shoot out, where Denmark sent the hostess. He admitted it was the craziest game of his career. His white ribbon fell on the head of the real hero, goalkeeper Nicholas randing, who made two stops at 7 meters.

On the roller coaster, the Danish star came to the crossroads of Spain. In the past decade, he whipped everyone with a magic right arm. “I know him and it won’t affect him. He has a very strong character and personality, “said Rodrigo Corrales, who had been a running mate for PSG three times before Galicians went to wisprem in Hungary last summer. His recent story at the tournament is the opposite: Spain’s goalkeeper, 19 decisive games against Norway; Mikel Hansen, despite his 10 appearances in Egypt, is the subject of an unpublished short film. “I don’t think these things will affect our athletes. A career like you is not only because of your talent, but also because your body is an example and, most importantly, your spiritual strength. What he’s seeing now is just an opportunity, an opportunity to end, and I have no doubt about it, “he said.

The road of the Nordic astronauts in this world cup has proved to be rugged. First of all, considering the organizer’s intention to add 20% more booths to the pavilion, he doubted whether he would attend because they reluctantly gave it up. Then he missed the last two games of the second stage because of stomach discomfort – “it’s nice to wake up when the alarm goes off, not when the alarm goes off indoors,” he quipped before the game. Finally, there was a blackout in Egypt. At present, before facing the Spaniard, his record is 29 goals (73%) and 19 assists. While Spain unfolds in the form of corals, Denmark revolves hopelessly around it.

The national team’s six medals earned him the honor, because in the daily life of the club, he has not yet won the great trophy, the championship. Nasser al khelaifi became the world’s highest paid footballer in 2012, the first stone in the billionaire Paris project, which has yet to reach its peak. The last attempt was a month ago, but failed in the semi-final against Barcelona. Maybe in Azur grana, he already has such a great title, but in Palau, he only took two courses. “He arrived at the age of 20, when he was very young,” recalled Albert Rocas, world champion in 2005 and 2013. “He seemed to be one of the best players, but in the second season they brought lutenka and he was eliminated,” added the retired Spanish winger, who is now the research director of a high school in Madrid.

Hansen returned to Denmark, where he built a team around him in his warm home (Ag Copenhagen, has disappeared), and he became an icon. “At the top of the list now is Norway’s sargosen, who has replaced karabatik. Mikel has more resources in attack, the quality of his passing I’ve hardly seen anyone, his shooting… But he doesn’t defend, which makes him miserable. “It’s the same with dujshebaev,” rocks said, adding that he doesn’t expect Spain to have any special surveillance. Downplaying Hansen, or simply reducing the Danes to him, will be one of the keys for the national team to reach another final.

Joan kanelas stressed this before going to Egypt to defend herself, which she thought was almost a pity because they received little recognition: “no team has played more in the semi-finals in the past decade.” He’s right. In the past 11 European and world cups, Hispanics have won eight medals.

Compared with their counterparts in the final stage, Denmark and France succeeded six times and Sweden twice. However, if you take into account Spain’s skating competitions in the past decade, the Gauls will be equal to the eight competitions, and the two Nordic countries will reach the semi-finals respectively. Some numbers, or others, illustrate the regularity and reliability of a team that has done one of the most difficult things: know what to do, how and when to win.

One of his values is a well managed veterans system. At the end of the intense game of one every two days, they are stuck in a club’s calendar with heavy legs and dull heads. The situation is known from the beginning and threatens Spain as the old defender plays in the dressing room (nine players over 30); however, his position before the semi-final is the most suitable of the four survivors.

Denmark has five players on the track for more than 250 minutes: Magnus and Nicholas randing, sogstrup, Swann and Mensa Larsen. Help them compete with Egypt for two extensions in two-quarters of the time. In choosing Jodie ribella, only the extreme Angel Fernandez reached that number. A formal duel with Uruguay and a comfortable final with Hungary helped save energy, with up to six games exceeding that level in Sweden and only two in France.

“We are an experienced team, but in Norway we played for 60 minutes and we had a good pace. It’s hard to know which match is right for us against Denmark. The best way is to be true to our style: defend, shoot fast, score easily, and do the best you can in a static game, “Rodrigo corales said.