Lightning Needs The Best Barcelona

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Barcelona need to exclude thunder from their first team. Azulglana didn’t give in. They came back in a game they missed because of poor shooting. They were rejected by their goalkeeper and stunned by a goal from Fran Garcia. Lightning was like a giant both physically and tactically. Before the air ran out, they were knocked down by Messi and de Jong.

Messi doesn’t have his two favorite partners, PEDRI and alba, and he doesn’t have denbelle. Argentines cannot face lightning alone. The game is 1-0, rosarino lost a ball, the ball fell in front of the net, Koman had to rely on ammunition on the bench to maintain Barcelona’s leading position in the cup. He scored goals for Messi. After missing two games, Messi was inspired and rested. He scored 18 goals in 11 games, and Derong scored again.

He pulled the crossbar out, the pressure was high, the ball was aggressive, Barcelona stood well, was faster in the transition than in the retreat, and was pulled further by Tranch than by grizman. However, no matter how hard Ricky Puig tries, the game lacks fluency and accuracy. Every time his team takes the leather out of the inner Park, the blue-green steering wheel squeaks. It’s not easy to avoid hit and run or line through lightning harassment. Messi was very excited, he asked for fouls and playing cards, because it was difficult for him to get the ball at the Vallecas stadium.

Although the pitch is bad, the Barcelona people are relatively frequent in dimitriyevsky’s frame. The goalkeeper was asked in Messi’s free kick, katna prevented a direct goal from trinko, Aguero uttered a murmur from Dejon, lacrossetta hit back from Ricky Puig, and grizman didn’t score at the last minute. Azzur grana was breathing well on the side of trelinco, but it was difficult for the Portuguese to finish the game. Whether he was defeated, collapsed or collapsed, he had to wait for the penalty under the condemnation of the thunder players.

After counting to five times, Barcelona missed the goal opportunity, all these are caused by the courage of opponents and thunder. The Barcelona man chose to leave dimitriyevsky because of lack of control over the game and too many football interruptions. However, iraola’s children corrected very well. They ran faster in the second half than in the first half, and it was difficult for Barcelona to fight back. The game finally responded to the lightning script, prepared to win or yield, never guessed, and approached boldly, Physically better than Barcelona.

At half-time, the situation didn’t change, because Messi shot again in a foul, trinko was knocked down at the entrance of the penalty area, grizman didn’t appear, poor control, no threat, better not have the ball, as if he forgot dimitrievsky’s goal. The thunder hasn’t lost momentum. Despite their collective injuries, he not only cheered up, but also leveled the score in the game. Then he balanced the game with Alvaro Garcia’s substitution, which decided the outcome of Barcelona.

After Messi lost a goal, netto was clumsy in defending the doorframe and Garcia took the lead 1-0. Koeman had no choice but to restore the main line-up and try to lead 1-0. Jodi alba, pedril and dembelle appeared on the scene. With the help of a deep pass from Dejon, grizman helped Messi to level the score.

The fight turned to the Azur granans, who were the main protagonists and the most exposed, because lightning never gave up. Iraola’s game plan worked until he appeared in front of Barca’s fashionable midfield de Jong and redesigned Jodi Alba’s precise center. Messi’s connection to the left is as accurate as de Jong’s input.

He was not discouraged or hit by lightning, which forced Barcelona to practice defense including Messi. When rosarino scored a goal at two lightning defenders, he regretted his defensive strategy. Like Koeman, the captain knows that the cup is Barcelona’s closest game, away from laliga’s lead. Azzur grana will return to the Nou Camp on Sunday after eight games at the outfield, allowing them to survive two tournaments, especially in the cup.