“Isolation Is A Terrible Time, But Not Dramatic.”

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

After two weeks of siege, most of the tennis players and teams who landed in Melbourne yesterday completed the quarantine of the Australian government’s request for them to participate in the Australian Open, which opens on February 8. But not everyone. 72 passengers who arrived in the country on one of the three infected flights – at least one of them tested positive for covid-19 – are still unable to enjoy the atmosphere of freedom. For example, the Spaniard Carlos alcalaz or Mario villa; not to mention Paula badosa and her coach Javier Marty, who were trapped by the fangs of the British strain and transferred to specific centers designated by the authorities; Diego dinomo of Argentina, the missing technician of Fernando vidasco, and now babola Strikova.

“Now they will give us a time window program to see when you can go out. We did the last test, and when you were negative, you got permission, “he told this newspaper, when it was dark in the city. He passed the last PCR and was officially innocent. That is to say, from now on, you can walk around the city, and most importantly, start preparing a game with your players, and the front hall of the game is full of complaints. While some blame the differences with Adelaide’s elite bubble, where Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and other privileged people are concentrated, other professionals have criticized the organization’s problems.

For example, Yulia putintseva used these networks to record several rodents that were surveyed in her room; others pointed out the menu that arrived in their room, even though they forgot the $100 they paid for designing it every day; Victoria Azarenka wisely invited them to relativize; and; Some, not a few, complain through social media that the Commonwealth of Australia has not kept its promise. “I’m the worst flight, Abu Dhabi. I can’t leave my room for a second or breathe air. I haven’t seen anyone for two weeks! Dinomo explained, “I just became a father and I was locked up as soon as I got here.”

“In fact, sometimes you have a very bad time because you don’t have any physical contact. Fortunately, there is a wall in the room and a door in the middle, so you can see some teams (coaches, physiotherapists and players). But babola is at the end of the hall, so there’s nothing, “she continued, when asked about the repeated complaints over the past two weeks.” the terrible moment is over, but it doesn’t need to be dramatic. Not everything is pink, but in some cases, we are selfish. What can better convey to us the 72 affected rules? Of course, but that’s not the main problem. What really matters is those who are infected. There’s a fat man out there with a fuckin ‘virus. I understand your frustration. If you miss a bicycle or a few tapes, of course you will complain, but not some unedited complaints. ”

“There are many variables in what we have to meet, so things can come from anywhere. Here, in this case, the government says more than they can tell us since the tournament, and there is no more. The situation is very dynamic, almost every day, and we are warned that everything can change in a few hours. “Now we have to be as ready as we can to fight back,” concluded the Argentinian, while Craig Tilly (the head of open) and his team continue to work hard to make this possible under very difficult circumstances, following the path of a model country for curbing the virus.

Meanwhile, an exhibition will be held in Adelaide this weekend. He will open Novak Djokovic’s poster in the early morning (confrontation with Nadal’s teammate Janice Sina), and the Spaniard will confront Dominic Tim around 9:30 Spanish time; Ashley Batty and Simone halip will also take part in the parade; Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, Venus and Irina Kamelia begou will also take part in the parade. In the complex journey to the major, there will be several more matches to allow tennis players to roll and arrive at the lowest conditions on day 8.

Many people can’t exercise, or they do badly, improvising in the room. Although those who did not encounter any setbacks could spend at least five hours of isolation on the runway of Melbourne Park, 72 affected people were unable to enter the training area and were told yesterday that they had to stay in the hotel for an extra day (15 days) because the departure would be carried out in stages. According to the newspaper, in order to make up for the situation in some way, the tournament informed them that the club’s facilities would be open for 24 hours so that they could receive training at any time.