Eric Garcia’S Plays

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Barcelona’s Governing Council has ruled out the possibility of bringing players like Eric Garc í a into the winter market. He seems willing to play for free before the end of the season, which could cost 230000 euros in this financial year 2020-2021. Despite the request of technician Ronald Koeman, after the March 7 election of three candidates, Joan Laporta, Victor Venter and Tony Fraser, Azul grana’s directors didn’t want to take risks, They haven’t agreed on the conditions for the return of the centre back trained in Marcia and the current Manchester City player.

Laporta even wrote to Management Chairman Carls Tusquets, threatening to take legal action if he makes decisions in the performance of his duties that may damage the viability of the club, such as signing a free agent at the end of the season, so that the fee on June 30, 2021 is zero. Although the former president lowered his tone in a new letter to Tusquets on Thursday to remind him of the limitations of the management, he also regretted that his suggestions and “well intentioned warnings” were understood as threats; He also explained that he would always “take a constructive attitude to make these elections as smooth as possible.”.

Freixa, on the other hand, is also cautious about a deal put forward by a friend font, a former partner of Ferran Soriano. The English club has agreed to negotiate three million new variables, which will not be taken into account until next season, so only Erik Garcia’s transfer fee will have to be paid.

At the end of the day, azulgrana’s staff have used deferred payments since President Josep Maria bartomeu came to power late last year. However, the players are not aware of their salaries and the club admits there will be problems in paying the March payroll just as the president-elect will audit Barca’s own accounts released last Monday. Negative working capital was US $602 million, total wages soared to 74%, and total liabilities was US $1.173 billion. Lack of liquidity could force clubs to apply for $100 million in loans.

The influence of covid-19 has long put some cosmetic beads in question, such as pjanic’s deal with Arthur or cillessen’s deal with Neto. It’s such a serious problem that you can’t even face a single market negotiation like hiring Eric Garcia. Job ads are no longer the temptation of the campaign, but focus the debate on how Barcelona can get through such a critical and more sensitive moment than in 2003 The end of Joan gaspate’s term and the arrival of Laporta were followed by a responsible move by Sandro Russell’s board in 2010.

Some economic analysts agree that Barcelona have no choice but to sign one of their own players. If Messi decides to renew his contract, he will have to face the problem of Messi’s renewal. According to the data of Football League, Messi’s total income is about $100 million. At present, the three candidates have ruled out the possibility of any flagship player. They believe they can negotiate the best solution with Messi in time, boast of the club’s legacy and agree that Barcelona will never become a sports limited liability company (SAD).

Laporta, font and freixa talked about debt negotiations, controlling spending and generating more revenue in their projects, while it is not known when the stadium’s gates will close between March 2020 and June 2021. No one is surprised by the club’s numbers, all three of them claim to have the necessary resources to support 15% of the budget – more than $120 million – without knowing where they come from or whether they have collateral, and they all stress that their economic team has the ability to revive an entity, He is waiting for the necessary reconstruction of Barcelona in Spain, including the Nou Camp.

Laporta, who owns Jaume gir ó, former CEO of the lacaixa foundation, wants to carefully study the proposal of Goldman Sachs to fund espai bar ˊ a handled by bartomeu’s board of directors, and is interested in the bar ˊ a innovation center project and bar ˊ a studios content platform. The novelty of his proposal is the issuance of regulated bonds to ease financial tensions and gain Liquidity: some will be for amateurs and others for institutional investors. In any case, they will not give ownership to the club or influence decision-making, as Laporta’s candidacy has clarified.

Font abandoned the bonus option and bet on the impact plan for the first 100 days, He advocated refinancing the bank’s short-term debt, proposed restructuring the wage structure, and supported monetizing 400 million Barcelona fans. Frasa also opposed bonuses and defended Barcelona’s deadline.

Caution is necessary because no candidate wants to lose the chance of winning after the campaign is extended to March 7 and the vote is scheduled for January 24. In any case, the date has not changed Koman’s demand for a centre forward and a Dutch striker debe from Lyon.

The technician’s task is to be as consistent as possible with a team eager to win trophies, be able to compete in the championship and be in the top four of laliga. It would be a terrible tragedy if Barcelona were not eligible for the next European Cup after bartome announced that the club had entered the Premier League. The legacy of the former president has been devastating since the $222 million that Neymar fled to PSG was wasted. It also happened to gaspate in 2000, with a toll of 10 billion pesetas (62 million euros) from FIGO to Madrid. However, the situation is different because the resources for building Barcelona have been reduced.

He couldn’t even sign Eric Garcia today.