Barcelona Stand Out From Spanoulis, Olympiacos And A Palm Tree.

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Barcelona was rescued by Mao in the last fully charged room, and Olympiacos tied him to the rope. Bazocas was sent off for his second technical foul with six seconds to go before the final. After Martin and srucas lost in the same game, prenz’s last save made Barca win for the sixth time in a row (74-76) and maintain the leading position in the European Union.

Spanoulis, 38, once again occupied the center of the stage at a crucial moment. Barcelona scored as many points as possible in the penalty area with overwhelming defense and oriola, and soon opened the gap by about 10 points. He held on until the 22nd minute (32-44).

The Olympian, with 13 rebounds from his Pinot Octavius Ellis, seven in the attack, and one in 12 rebounds in the first half, made a three-point spurt and lifted his chest in the last quarter (56-50). Mckisik pushed Sergi Martinez and Ellis to Davis.

However, the pivots and Callas in the United States, who found themselves in the same way as when he was in Panathinaikos, went through many battles in the peace and Friendship Museum, and they revolutionized Barcelona. The final was soon over. There was a wonderful three-point exchange between slocas and Higgins. Ellis fouled bormaro, which meant that Olympiakos’ pivot was eliminated. Another under the basket exchange between carras and mirotik was doubles. In the last game (74-72), the Montenegrin responded at the free throw line (74-74).

In the next game, slokas lost the ball and Jean Charles needed Higgins. Bazocas exploded. The referee dismissed the Greek coach. Mirotic failed in the free throw technique and eventually slipped down the blue line by 14 of 22 points (63%). But Higgins did save both of them from foul (74-76).

In the remaining six seconds, Olympiacos did not hesitate to hand over his fate to Spanoulis. But the outstanding Greek defender won in the last quarter and threw a three-point shot from a very bad position. He did not have. Slukas slapped him again, and he didn’t go in. Finally, on the third palm tree, he put it in. Time is running out. Barcelona has won a victory worthy of commemorating epic history in the empty stands of the palace of peace and friendship.

Olympiacos, 74; Barcelona, 76

Olympiacos: srukas (11), Jenkins (0), Zara lampopoulos (0), pritzis (10), Ellis (8) – starting lineup; Harrison (1), larenzakis (3), Spanoulis (12), Martin (5), Jean chals (6) and mckesich (18).

Barcelona: caratus (12), Higgins (14), Couric (3), mirotti (16), olliola (11) – starting lineup; Davis (10), Westman (0), Hanga (3), bormaro (0), Smits (7) and Sergi Martinez (0).

Parts: 12-21, 18-19, 23-10 and 21-26.

Referees: jawal, jovich and trawiki. Ellis (38) was eliminated for fouls and Olympiacos coach bartzokas was eliminated for two skills. They also pointed out a technology to carras. Peace and Friendship Stadium. 23rd European Union Day.