The Endless Duel Between Ibrahimovic And Lukaku

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

On Tuesday, Ibrahimovic and Lukaku fought in the open crater of San Siro in the qualifier of the quarter finals of the Coppa Italia, evoking the original fighting of team leaders. The strikers of Milan and Inter, first and second in Serie A, have been looking for each other for many years. A small incident, the friction between Lukaku and Romani oli before half-time, pushed them together, angry and uninhibited. It’s like they didn’t know there was a camera on the spot. They collide head-on, and if it wasn’t for the crowd to separate them, threatening revenge in a profundity to basic insult, they would be caught. “Call your mother and go back to your voodoo shit, borico! Cried Ibrahimovic. “Do you want to talk about your mother? “Inter’s goal made him unbelievable. “She’s a whore! “,

On Wednesday, Milan were stunned by the rumble of the night before. But the rash began in the summer of 2017, when Ibrahimovic recovered from a cruciate ligament injury and Manchester United signed a young man to fight for his place. Lukaku, represented by Mino Raiola, who is also Ibrahimovic’s agent, landed at Old Trafford from Everton and the first thing he did was to enter the penalty area. Contrary to football’s customary law, he chose the No. 9 guard, his retiring partner. “I ask Zlatan’s permission,” explained the Belgian.

Despite months of apparent intimacy with his umbrella, the penniless veteran’s proud wounds could not be healed.

Lukaku is a tank with a poet’s soul. The whole football industry knows that. Under his thick shell, the striker tries to live out of his fantasy of football. His dream is to have a pair of silk feet. After recovering from a knee injury, Ibrahimovic found his teammate at Carrington’s training ground. Later, the Swedish striker himself said: “I said to him: ‘every time you control a ball, I’ll give you 50 pounds.” He replied, “if I had control of all the balls, what would you give me? “Yes. “I won’t give you anything,” I replied, “but you’ll be a better footballer, that’s enough.” He never takes challenges. Maybe he’s afraid of losing

Ibrahimovic and Lukaku hardly played together in 130 minutes, and then Manchester United technician Jos é mussio decided to choose Lukaku. Ibrahim movich, 36, seems destined to retire from his march to the galaxy.

Everton’s major shareholder Farhad Moshiri added fuel to the fire in 2018 when he recalled the strange circumstances that led to Lukaku’s refusal to renew his contract to join Manchester United. “We were about to sign a contract,” mosiri said. “When Romero called his mother and told her he had gone to a pilgrimage place, I don’t know where in Africa a voodoo church warned him not to renew Everton’s contract.”

The Italian media accused Ibrahimovic of racist insults after the San Siro riots. The player thought Muhammad Ali was his first reference, and he defended himself on twitter, leaving a message: “there is no room for racism in the Zlatan world. We are all the same race, we are all the same! We are all players, some are better than others

Ibrahimovic, the son of a Bosnian Muslim immigrant and a Croatian Catholic immigrant, was born and raised in lansengrand, the most marginal city of Malmo, Sweden. When he saw racism, he played at a low level. “I’ve never been jealous of anyone,” he said at geazzetta dello Sport a month ago. “Even the blue eyed people, when they enter the marmo stadium, they seem to be more popular than me. I’m angry, I feel different, I feel strange, because I don’t know the world

At the age of 39, ibrahimi showed the feat of longevity. He scored 14 goals in 15 games, which brought Milan out of the doldrums and made him top of the Serie A League, with no resources but an inexperienced player. His goal in the inter cup, a monumental goal, made him an undisputed figure in Italian football, when Lukaku passed him again. The referee sent off the Swede in the second quarter as inter beat 10 men 1-2 for a tactical foul in midfield. But the duel that began in 2017 is not over.