The Best Goalkeeper Is No Longer The Best

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

There was a time (not very far away) when the most important criterion for a goalkeeper was their ability to dunk anything that was ready to go into the net. People think that his only destination is to stop, so the best is the person who stops the most. But this concept, at least in the technical institutions, has changed fundamentally. With the development of game strategy towards more complex direction and the emergence of data and video analysis tools (such as laliga’s complex mediacoach project), more and more factors begin to be evaluated as below standard performance.

The best goalkeepers are no longer just those who score the most or the least. Without forgetting their basic defensive work, today’s Club analyzed their passing success, their time out of the arc, or the number of effective attacks caused by a good decision. Experts believe that the goalkeeper is no longer a single character, but plays a key tactical role in showing a style of the game. “Modern goalkeepers limit their approach to the team’s game model,” said Fabio Nevado, a technical analyst and PhD in sports and sports science at laliga.

Nevado stressed that a good example of this new paradigm is SD eibar. Gypsy koyano is the second of laliga Santander’s teams to take the lead on the defensive line. They are all trying to push each other’s ball. A plan based on fast steals and fast attacks requires a key player: a goalkeeper, who accompanies his defense to these positions and can run fast forward or backward to prevent possible long balls from behind. Marko dmitrovic, the Serb who made all the headlines on Thursday with a penalty kick, did it perfectly, but few people know that he is the greatest player to date – a race at more than 21 kilometers an hour – and the farthest man to date. These figures, together with the excellent response to solving the one-on-one situation in front of the striker, make him the ideal goalkeeper for ipruya.

Stegen and FC Barcelona represent one of the most striking examples of symbiosis between a team and a goalkeeper. Since arriving at the Nou Camp more than six years ago, the successors of Victor Valdez and Claudio Bravo have taken the revolutionary (but increasingly common) concept of goalkeepers as the first attackers to the extreme. He’s not accidental. He’s Santander’s goalkeeper with the highest passing percentage and the only one who boasted that he had two assists in the last World Cup, one for Antoine grizman on day 16 and the other for Luis Suarez on day 7.

To prove that this position has become a key factor in the plans, in which people are looking for some very specific qualities, this is their offer. Kepa’s transfer from sports club to Chelsea for 80 million euro is just a microcosm of Santander Liga’s trend, Their team has sold or bought a goalkeeper for 25 million euros or more six times since 2010.

In the lonely goalie, the protagonists bear a huge responsibility. They understand that it is not enough to wear a Jersey (or No. 13 Jersey), because they have always believed that they will only appear in the picture because of a good performance or a fatal mistake. “When I started, we never played empty handed. Now almost all coaches want to quit the game and take the lead. Last October, Sergio asenjo of Villarreal CF explained to the national team: “it’s a very sudden change and I’m getting more comfortable.”.

Laliga’s analyst recalled that the main task of goalkeepers was still to stop, but he stressed that the development of football forced them to adapt to a game mode, even if it required them to show qualities that could be considered more old school. For example, Edgar Badia and Jeremy Ledesma defended the goalkeepers of Elche CF and Cadiz CF.

“Ledesma is the most scoring center in the world and the second one. He explained: “in a low-key defensive combination, the defense is closely linked, forcing the opponent to attack from the outside. It is crucial to have a good goalkeeper in front of the winger center, and he has done very well in this respect.”.

“On the other hand, Badia is the second goalkeeper with the most goals and the fourth with the highest goal rate. With his height of 1.79cm, the first player to enter this category is reminiscent of Iker Casillas, who successfully ranked his team fourth because of his height, agility and efficiency under the club.

Nevada also holds the title of national coach and has rich experience in the professional technical team. He said the specialization of archers and the diversity of their roles will inevitably lead to changes in their preparation work during the week.

Laliga analysts explained that technology and data storage are their main allies in this regard. “This week, the reserves have data and video clips from mediacoach to analyze the performance of their own goalkeepers or opponents’ forwards. Similarly, through mediacoach live and mediacoach mobile applications, technicians can analyze the goalkeeper’s performance in the game in real time from the bench, see some actions again, or know whether his suspension rate is below the average level. ”

Laliga analysts have released a new report for goalkeepers in their innovative online media coach vision tool. The analysis group is divided into several parts. At the top, a series of charts show the performance of all laliga’s goalkeepers, analyzing any aspect of their game and comparing them with their goalkeepers.

The next step is to analyze the offensive and defensive aspects, including the number of passes, the number of catches, the scoring area or the number of catches. Similarly, there is a specific tool that can calculate the opponent’s static ball based on many variables: the throwing area, whether closed or open, and the leg with which the corner ball runs.