Real Madrid Responded Promptly To Panathinaikos

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

When the water hit his neck and his shirt couldn’t hit his body, Real Madrid responded in time to beat Panathinaikos 76-66. De lasso entered the half with a 22 point lead, but got into an unexpected deadlock in the second half and finally demanded time. From 49-27, boasting on defense, to 27-39, after overconfidence, Greece led by five points in six minutes. He never tried to come back again because they got six points from lehr and four from abalde to save them. Dirk (20 points, 9 rebounds, 29 rebounds) and alonson led the subsequent downfall. The whites have lost their composure, but they are capable of winning game 14 in 22 days of the European League and breaking the three wins in a row in the first four games. Carol sprained his ankle in the game.

Lasso watched in front of the blackboard, the odometer and the Panathinaikos slope in the medical section. “Tavares, Tompkins, Tyler… They argued for many minutes, and it became more and more intense. Now we’ve got the end of La provitola. Ruhr has been able to complete the whole training, Rudy has started, but later he had to quit… “Explained the Madrid coach the night before. Under the stimulation of difficulty, in order to avoid another painful ending of many people who accumulated this course, the white suit was untied with strength and firmness after the initial jump. Dirk led the application stage in the first quarter with 10 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists, helping his team create trends and territory (25-12, 10m). A mistake in Greek defense, during that time, because the target missed the outside line (one third to one fifth), did not reach the breakthrough.

Oded kattash, panasinaikos’ new coach since the beginning of the year, has given nedovic full power in the road map. But after the Serb defender scored 27 points at the Oka stadium, Madrid got a warning and tied him too short while widening the gap. Nedovic’s mistake led him to consolidate the local chaos (38-19, m.16) with a 3-3 three-pointer in a flash. Taylor beat Bullock in 365 games and became the second foreigner who suffered the most in the history of Madrid, next only to Carroll. In 669, the intimidation of Tavares and the impudence of the best arosen finally bored a hypotension and split Panathinaikos (49-27, m.20; 12 out of 16). Painting). Later, Lagar Banna moved to one side.

Ruhr came back after missing four continental games with a right knee injury, playing 300 games in the European Union (definitely No. 8), and Rudy came back in a fierce confrontation with red star. Madrid seemed to have won a quiet day, which helped to film the recovering players, the most intense part of the rest, and gave a scroll to a dynamic arosen. However, the white man flashed out at half-time and won part of the recovery match with a score of 9-22, which broke desuperton’s advantage and calm. Premises (58-49, m.28). When Carroll entered the dressing room after bending his right ankle, Lasso’s worries intensified. Bochoridis’s feet intruded into the Wyoming Escort’s landing space, making it impossible for him to fight. “Action should be punished because it is dangerous. Hopefully it won’t be too serious, “lasso explained after the game. The third quarter ended 15-23 with Panathinaikos winning. The calm of the Madrid man is over and the optimism of his opponents is released. One of Foster’s trios turned a circle of nuts and put Panathinaikos on one hand (66-61, m.34). But abeld and Ruhr put an end in time to the drought and the Madrid brawl.