Arsenal Welcome Audgard

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

Martin odergarde’s return to Real Madrid lasted only six months. At least for now. On Wednesday, the club officially announced the fact a few days ago that the 22-year-old Norwegian will leave as part of the Arsenal loan to Mikel Arteta until the end of the course. It’s enough to work with Zidane for half a year. The attacker knocked on Zidane’s door and invited him out to find more protagonists.

The footballer expressed his wish to the French technician a week ago, and he didn’t stop him from leaving, despite the small number of midfielders in the team, and the headlines (casserolo Modric Cruise) have accumulated a lot of green light time, Since the end of 2018, ISCO has been unable to improve himself on a clear downward line, and walved has just been injured (he still has a week to come back).

Without Nordic people, white people now have only five means. In some important matches of last season (Spanish Super Cup or Derby home match, etc.), ZZ had at most five players from the starting line-up. Now the Uruguayan is in the infirmary, and he has only four.

Last summer, odegaard was one of baldbeiba’s most important players, which was considered perfect at the time: because he paid zero cost in the pay cut caused by the pandemic; he did well in real society last season, where he was on loan (seven goals and nine assists); and because of Qi zuhe The management of the entity understands that their new legs are essential for bone marrow ventilation.

The French coach announced his return after finishing eighth from the bottom in the Champions League final against Manchester City. However, coexistence in the sports city has not been successful. Apart from two injuries, the Norwegian’s performance was poor, and when he came on, his performance was not outstanding.

He is the fifth player in the dressing room with the least playing time (367 minutes), right in front of the tail car of the White House: Mariano, jovich – has returned to Eintracht, odio Zola and lunin. In the past six games, he has hardly played five minutes against Celtic. In Pamplona, because of the draw and the urgent need to find a new way of attack, Osasuna is not able to make Osasuna feel uneasy. The second part in midfield is Malaga.

By the end of 2020, when it was reported that ISCO would be looking for a way out in the coming winter market, Zidane openly said that he was counting on him. However, after learning that odergarde wanted to leave to play more games, the French technician’s reaction was more calm. “It’s easy.” Said it was my fault. Sometimes the players, when they stay, know what they get. Real Madrid is complicated, I’ve experienced it as a football player. It’s different to play indoors or outdoors. What you have to do is show yourself when you are in it, and you are strong in the competition. But it’s not the coach’s fault. Players have to prove themselves and that’s what they want This is his answer to the question of another young man, Luka jovic, who got a double score when he returned to eintrachte after passing through Madrid, but it was only a few hours later that the conversation between audgard and zizu was heard, which has another dimension.

At Arsenal, the Norwegian will meet with sebalos, another Madrid owned footballer who has had no choice but to look for lentils outside the Bernabeu in the face of Qizu’s discontent over the past two seasons. From his residence and contract in London until 2023, oldgard will wait for the summer to see his future as a target, if ZZ continues, if Wald Bebas’s conditions are met, and according to dome’s wishes, a large group of young people will be promoted to the front line of the team.