Almeria’S Penalty Hit Osasuna

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

Another first went to the tarpaulin of the king’s cup, and Almeria’s goalkeeper Fernando was responsible for it. If his team is to take part in the draw for the quarter finals tomorrow, first of all, thank him for his contribution in the 120 minutes and his performance in the decisive penalty shoot out (5-4).

Fernando stopped Navarro from winning when the ball rolled across the lawn. In the 11 meter pitch, Manu Sanchez and David Garcia were stopped.

Almeria and Osasuna can’t find space to develop their game, so they have to turn to the ball standing to enjoy their best chance. Navarro scored three corners in a row after a quarter hour, Fernando avoided the goal in two of David Garcia’s header, and Villar saved a third from Enrique Gallego under the cover of Palos. Almeria’s best chance was a foul from Lazo, who ran through the team.

In the second half, Ferdinand scored another goal from Gallego after a corner, while oyle scored higher. In Almeria, Fran villarba could have equalised, but after putting the ball on Sadik’s plate, he failed.

Without Tino, there was a hopeless extension of the game, with Carelli scoring twice for Osasuna, who came from Chile. Sadik also won his Almeria in the last game.

The group showed their faces to tourists when corpas fired from a regular pitcher in El Almer í a, but Fernando came to rescue manu s á nchez and David Garc í a, who had died suddenly. Carvalho scored in Almeria’s final.