The Turning Of Socks In Myanmar

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

It’s another sport. It doesn’t feel like cheating. That’s what it looks like: a team changes their gait everywhere on the court without losing their basic identity. This enables it to maintain a whole and coordinate from the back to the front with a non-negotiable defensive mentality. There were eight goals, half of which were Real Madrid’s second place. Everything has changed since Oblak. Now, Slovenians are no longer lengthening, but merging with their three power stations in their area.

This is an almost complete turn on the sock (blackboard). New tactical layout: from the classic 4-4-2 to 3-1-4-2, through the interlacing of lines, it can also be understood as 3-3-2-2; different space occupation has a greater existence in the enemy’s plot. Finally, in the three stages of the game, different football concepts: start, create and finish.

Simon’s voice echoed in the open stadium. “Play, play, play.” The recipients of this message are three centers. Who sees him, who sees him! Now, their first goal is to start the game with Koch’s help and attract opponents as they move forward. In this strategy, the beautiful image is magnified. He drove out and aimed the exit at the next line.

At the beginning of the game, four centre backs were always behind three strikers. If you play guard, the retreat of one or two guards will soon become four or five line. From the two sides of use, he skipped two long-distance trips (tripper / vrsaljko Carrasco), and they spent more time in each other’s field than him.

In the creation zone, two centers and two convoys that are neither interior lines nor terminal lines have become a triangle with a very contoured steering wheel in the middle (cork) and two interior lines going back and forth (Lorent and Lemar). This is the best place to recognize the new version. They start to move, cry and Lemar, and even, at a height, two of the most advanced people. Everyone’s in the middle lane. Our idea is to liberate gangs for railway workers.

If the team can’t make progress from the inside, then with the support of Lorent and Lemar, attacking from the outside requires their two long-distance greyhound. When it is connected by a belt, it also shows two movements. On the right, trippier – his low profile is crucial – is even more surprising. On the left, however, kalasco wants more balls under his feet and looks for one-on-one. No Englishman, under the suspicion of vasaiko, Lorent’s image must be more prominent. He will be responsible for providing the right with the depth that tripper has provided. Without him, giolo can replace kalasco, just like his second game in Valencia, with Lodi on the left.

In the end, two avant-garde space searchers left nothing behind. Now there’s an advanced link that extends to Al (Luis Suarez) and another attacker (GIO Felix / Correa), who comes down to join. Uruguayans rarely play, but goals make up for that. A boy. He lives off the court to fix the other side’s center, let them back, and create space for the second striker or the inside. In addition to 12, it’s another great collective contribution he made: he let his opponents go for a long time. Then he photographed them.