Betis Rose Out Of The Fog To Eliminate The Real Fog

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

After his comeback in the extension match, Betis was deported by the controversial iramendi when he won 0-1 in the 48th minute, which had a negative impact on real society. He also paid the price for coach imano’s conservatism. Thanks to their faith and the excellent performance of striker bolja Iglesias, the vidibranko man scored the goal of ayalzabar in extra time. He scored two goals and finally defeated a Basque team that never gave up. This game, exciting and controversial, was played in a fog. It’s all over Manuel Pellegrini’s revival, a quarter pass by Betis, who doesn’t know the defeat in 2021. Real is in bad form, winning only two of the last 16 games.

Betis and real can see each other’s faces four days after the game. The cup is a duel between two teams. They face the game with great speed, measure their strength as much as possible, and always try to hurt their opponents. He was better than Real Madrid in the first time because he played well in the big team. In other words, he knows how to play a Betis at the right time. He has been working hard, but he finds that he can’t beat the Basques, who dominate all aspects of the game.

Pellegrini must be sorry that Montoya lined up for Emerson. He wanted to give Emerson a soda. The Catalans lost a ball in an attack, leaving a hole, and oalzabal ran there and there, getting a huge pass from gorosabel. Isaac confused Mandy with his cancellation. Robles went crazy and oyazabar didn’t forgive him. With the arrival of a goal, Real Madrid responded and put a lot of pressure on Betis, which did not create any opportunities for him. Viddebrancho has been working hard under the leadership of fakir and canales, and lenes is actively involved, but he is not worried. Real Madrid in a successful pressure, forcing him to pass many times.

The second yellow ilar Mendi changed the direction of the party. Matthew lahoz thinks captain Royal touched Sidney and saved him from the field. Betis obviously has the obligation to attack on the advantage, but to defeat the more and more backward opponent of the bailiff, it has to pay a world price. Real has several obvious disadvantages. SANA Bria made a mistake and tried to attack a Chilean in Le Norman. He saw the second yellow one, and he was fired. However, leaving Paraguay is not too bad for his team.

Football is unpredictable. Betis, thanks to his best man, equalized in the 78th minute. Andalusia’s best team came here at the end of the game to face a Real Madrid who had fallen behind too early. In the 90th minute, William Carvalho threw a big ball to canales, which made her the second bat. Hua Jin, everything is OK, he nodded. After the eternal captain Verdi Blanco’s blunder, the conflict is moving in the direction of prolongation.

Extra time became an exciting game. Both teams have opportunities and opportunities, but boja Iglesias bears the brunt. He controlled a huge canal ball in the game to beat Ramiro. The striker has been strongly criticized and has resisted his defeat. Real tried and melquelanz had two clear options to win 2-2. Borja’s third to seal the verdiblanco pass. Betis beat an opponent who was bound by negative factors in a dynamic game. The departure of Irala Mendi, the conservative change of the coach, the eternal youth of Huajin, the canal moment and the goal of the reborn bolja Iglesias.