Europe’S Conclusion Is That Trump Treatment Is Effective For Patients Who Do Not Need Oxygen Replacement

2021-02-26   |   by CusiGO

The European Medicines administration’s (EMA) Committee on human pharmaceutical products (CHMP) completed a review of the use of monoclonal antibodies casirivizumab and indezumab in the treatment of patients with covid and concluded that a combination of these compounds, also known as regn-cov2, could be used for treatment Patients do not need oxygen, but there is a high risk of severe progression of infection. Former US President Donald Trump was treated with monoclonal antibodies during his illness.

EMA’s decision follows a review of data from a study on the effects of the use of casirivizumab and indvizumab on outpatient patients with covid who do not need oxygen supplementation. “Preliminary results indicate that the combination reduces viral load (in the nose and back of the throat) and reduces pathology related medical visits,” the EMA concluded.

In terms of safety, most of the reported side effects were mild or moderate. However, it is recommended that administration related reactions be monitored and that the final decision to allow the drug to be placed on the market be made after the review, which started on February 1 and is still in progress, is completed.

Regn-cov2, the treatment Donald Trump received after his infection last November, is based on monoclonal antibodies, a protein designed to recognize and adhere to the spores of sars-cov-2 at two different locations and prevent the virus from entering human cells.

These antibodies locate and remove specific molecules that coronavirus uses to bind to human cells and for its large-scale replication strategy. This molecule is called receptor binding domain (RBD). If the antibody binds to the virus before it enters the cell, it prevents infection.

Regeneron has tested the effectiveness of its antibody cocktail in preventing infection and treating infected patients. In one trial, he found that antibodies reduced viral load by 99%, extending the recovery period from 13 days to seven days. In a previous study, the company found that cocktails could reduce viral load and even prevent infection in rhesus monkeys and hamsters.

According to a 2018 study, the average price of these compounds in the United States is about $100000 (about 85000 euros). In July, regeneron received $450 million from the government in operation warp speed to provide about 300000 doses of antibody by the end of the year in case it is proved to be effective.