Sopra Steria Launches New Brand Digital Transformation Consultation In Spain

2021-02-15   |   by CusiGO

Sopra steria group of France announced the launch of its digital transformation consulting brand Sopra steria next in Spain. After entering France and Germany, the company launched its digital processing business in Spain, which, according to a press release released by the company, strengthened the group’s stake in the country. Sopra steria next is committed to providing quality, end-to-end (covering all process lines) and proximity consulting services, and “relying on the strength of the team.”. He said his commitment also included “concrete and measurable tests” in the areas of banking and insurance, public administration, transportation, distribution, airlines, telecommunications and energy.

“The launch of Sopra steria next in Spain will further enhance our technical services and provide high value-added consulting services,” explained Antonio PE nenalver, chief executive of Sopra steria Espa NIA. Sopra steria has been in Spain for more than 20 years, but focuses on innovation, talent development and training, the manager explained. Spain is currently the fifth largest country in the world in terms of turnover and the third largest country in terms of the number of employees.

“We want to work with our customers to meet their transformation challenges and become the core of their digital projects. Carlos mor รณ n Herrero, director of Sopra steria next in Spain, said: “this requires a close, flexible and personalized consulting firm, and most importantly, a commitment to deliver practical results that can be put into action and implemented.”.

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