Coronavirus And New Symbiosis

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

When it comes to viruses, few people discuss the symbiotic relationship between viruses and our bodies; few people say that most viruses are parasites with high symbiotic ability. In fact, many of these viruses eventually become part of our DNA. They are integrated into our cells and become part of them. There is no further study that the appearance of placenta is due to the symbiotic origin of endogenous retrovirus.

Interestingly, the fact that the two organisms involved in symbiosis benefit from each other’s biological adaptation. In fact, “new symbiosis” is one of many hypotheses put forward by the media, which means that we will get rid of the epidemic by adapting to the new biological order. This is a new dimension, through which we will coexist with other microorganisms, benefit from it, and also benefit from it. We are. Parasites benefit from their hosts and vice versa.

In other words, “new symbiosis” sounds like science fiction, the most popular type in the world. Now, we should remember Olaf Stapleton’s story, the star maker. In this book, he describes life on the low-lying coast where two species meet. On the one hand, “arachnoid” creatures, they can’t stay underwater for too long; on the other hand, “Pisces” creatures, they can’t leave the water. They can’t stand each other. They were rivals from the beginning. It’s kind of crazy, because, as Stapleton says, collaboration can be very beneficial for both species, because one of the basic foods of arachnids is the parasites of fish.

Nevertheless, the two species are still trying to exterminate themselves. After a period of war, the less belligerent members of one species and the less belligerent members of another find the benefits of peace and benefit each other, thus forming a “biochemical interdependence”.

Few people talk about the symbiotic relationship between organisms in such a wonderful and brilliant way, because if we want to see one thing clearly from the whole epidemic, it is that the virus we are suffering from is the influence of a symbiotic process, which is now going through the stage of war, just as Stapleton described at the beginning of the era, When life takes place in low-lying coastal waters, “Spider Man” and “Pisces” go to Greece together because they can’t tolerate themselves.

For a period of time, human beings are no longer a part of nature, so they have lost their organic connection with nature. Progress in some corners of our universe implies retrogression in other corners of the same universe. The destruction of ecological destruction is giving us a global bill. So there is such a special war going on in our institutions.

This is a good time to resume the reading of the star maker. This is Stapleton’s beautiful story, which constitutes one of the highest levels of science fiction. Through time projection, it explains to us how we can surpass our present in the way of education. As Jorge Luis Borges pointed out, “the star maker is not only a great novel, but also a possible or credible system of pluralistic world and its dramatic history.”

Stone axe is a part of Montero glez. With the will of prose, he makes a special siege of scientific reality to show that science and art are complementary forms of knowledge.

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