Amar: The First Arab Spacecraft To Reach Another Planet Successfully Reached Mars Orbit

2021-02-09   |   by CusiGO

The oil monarchy of the United Arab Emirates has just become the first Arab country to successfully ship robots to another planet in the solar system. Amar hope successfully reached Mars orbit this afternoon.

The main purpose of the Saudi spaceship is to promote: to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this autocratic monarchy by demonstrating the power of space. By the way, he wanted to set an example for the younger generation to engage in technology and science. It also tries to erase the image of a country without freedom of speech, where an immigrant population works in inhuman conditions, where homosexuality is sentenced to imprisonment. Last summer, Juan Carlos, the retired king of bourbon, settled in the country.

The task cost about $200 million and was carried out with the cooperation of American experts. The main contribution is made by the boulder atmospheric and space physics laboratory at the University of Colorado, which has been developing instruments for important exploration missions to Mars and other planets in the solar system for decades. One of his main missions is the Maven orbiter, which is similar but not too complex in the United Arab Emirates.

Hope will study the red planet in a very special orbit for at least three years. The maximum distance between it and the earth’s surface is 40000 km, and the minimum distance is 20000 km, which is almost twice the diameter of the earth. The probe will be able to get high-resolution images of the whole planet and its surrounding layers, observe its daily changes, and possibly answer why Mars lost its atmosphere and became a place of disadvantage to life.

The 1.5-ton spacecraft is equipped with a visible and ultraviolet camera and two spectrometers, one is infrared spectrometer, the other is ultraviolet spectrometer, which can study the detailed composition of clouds, gases, sandstorms and three thin layers of gases around the earth. Unlike most countries, the UAE will immediately publish the survey data so that it can be accessed by any other country.

The UAE is already on the map of a space power, and its ambitions are not over on the probe. In addition to sending a spacecraft carrying explorers to the moon in 2024, Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid, Emir of Dubai and vice president of the country, announced four years ago that he planned to build “the first human settlement” on Mars by 2117. So far, its space center has cooperated with NASA to implement an astronaut training program and send the first Emir hazar mansouri to the international space station in 2019.

The coming of hope is the first chapter in a series of Mars landings in the coming weeks. The United States intends to put on this planet the largest, heaviest and most complex exploration tool ever: perseverance. Their goal is to find traces of past life in Jezero crater, a desert and frozen area of liquid water in the northern hemisphere 3.5 billion years ago. It is expected to arrive in Spain on the evening of February 18, and the last group will be the Chinese. Their tianwen-1 mission is the most ambitious and complex mission launched by this Asian country in its short and intense space exploration career. It includes an orbital detector, a landing module, and finally a small rover, which can analyze the surface composition and underground structure by radar. Its destination is the utopian plain, also in the southern hemisphere. Tianwen-1 is expected to reach Mars orbit tomorrow.

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