Xiaomi 11: China’S Big Mac Promises To Launch A Movie Camera To Seize The High-End Market

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

According to canalys, a brand market analysis firm, by 2020, in Spain, Xiaomi’s sales at manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei or apple will have exceeded a few months. The Chinese mobile giant’s mobile phones are usually known for their cost performance. The brand not only produces cheap terminals, but also strives to compete outside the mid market. Their new bet to crack down on high-end and competitive flagship manufacturers in the market is mainly Xiaomi 11. In the company’s words, it’s a “mobile phone designed for movie lovers,” featuring a premiere design and processor, and is compatible with 5g networks.

Xiaomi hopes that its mobile phones can be compared with those of other manufacturers on the market at a glance. The new high-end mobile phone, launched in Europe on Monday, has slightly curved sides. The company guarantees that a large number of users prefer the crooked feel of smartphones. The back of MY11 has a staggered camera module, and the main lens is wrapped in a silver circle. “When you see it, you know it’s a mi 11,” said Fabio arena, Xiaomi’s product marketing director in Spain.

The screen of MY11 adopts super AMOLED technology and 6.81-inch diagonal. In addition, its adaptive refresh rate reaches 120 Hz. Refresh rate refers to the number of times the screen refreshes the displayed image per second. In other words, the higher the ratio, the more realistic the perception of animation, and the smoother the movement between different screens or applications. Xiaomi’s smartphone will automatically adjust to get the best display and save battery as much as possible.

Xiaomi’s goal is that with its terminal, it can record on 8K, and anyone can become a filmmaker. “Mi 11 makes you shoot like a director,” Zhao Shouzi, President of Xiaomi international, said in the virtual presentation The phone is designed for users who generate and consume visual content in their daily lives. Mi 11 has a 20 megapixel front camera and three rear lenses: a 108 megapixel main lens, a 13 megapixel wide-angle lens and a 5 megapixel macro. Chew said the latest sensor allows users to zoom in like a microscope. We need to see how well these sensors compare with the omnidirectional cameras of Apple’s iPhone 12 or Samsung’s S21.

The Chinese giant is dedicated to artificial intelligence and computational photography, especially at night and in low light environments. The terminal includes night mode for shooting and recording video. Xiaomi uses blinkai technologies technology to improve the camera’s shooting effect. The AI software provider ensures that its computing solutions improve image quality and magnify effective lighting.

Compatible with 5g networks, MI 11 introduces one of the most powerful processors on the market: Qualcomm snapdragon 888. It also comes with 8 GB of ram and 128 or 256 GB of storage. The smartphone’s battery capacity is 4600 MAH, and the charging is quite balanced. According to the company, it has 55W fast charging support, which can be fully charged in 45 minutes. Wireless charging is 50W, and the terminal can also charge 10W in reverse.

In addition, Xiaomi guarantees that MI 11 can measure heart rate just by placing a finger on the screen. The company did not elaborate on which technologies the terminal uses for such monitoring. In the past, some independent agencies questioned the extent to which smartphones could accurately monitor our vital signs.

Xiaomi 11, launched in China a few weeks ago, will be available in Spain at the end of February, in blue and black. The cost of 8GB ram and 128 GB storage is 749.99 euro. Variants of 8GB ram and 256 GB storage will be available for 799.99 euros. The Chinese giant also said it would have a special version of mi11, but did not provide further details.

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