A Spacex Rocket Exploded When It Landed After A Test Flight

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

A prototype SpaceX rocket exploded when it landed after the test flight. According to the pictures released by the company, the explosion of sn9 rocket is the second time that SpaceX airlines, owned by Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, has been exploded. The previous prototype, SN8, exploded last December. “We have another wonderful flight,” a SpaceX spokesman explained in a live flight test commentary. “We just need to do a little bit of work when we land,” the employee added.

Space X is the main private actor in the space race. In addition to its successful reusable launch and navigation devices, space X plans to develop a new spacecraft to transport people and cargo to the moon and Mars, with the aim of making its first flight in 2024.

It’s unusual that musk doesn’t post anything on social media. Last Monday night, he announced that he would “temporarily quit twitter.”.

The sn9, which is the height of a 16 story building, was allowed to take off from boccachica, Texas, by the Federal Aviation Administration, which delayed the authorization after confirming that SpaceX’s last launch violated its license terms.

The rocket was successfully launched at 15:30 local time (21:30 on the Spanish Peninsula), and the engine was gradually shut down at an altitude of 10 km. He then conducted a series of test exercises in a horizontal position. Trouble started when the rocket tried to land in a vertical position. As can be seen from the photos, it came too fast and the angle was not good.

It landed with a deafening roar and caught fire six minutes and 26 seconds after takeoff. Although the fire did not spread, it still caused a huge cloud of dust.