Sheep Factor And Clone Review: A Travel Agency’S Skills Of Accumulating Complaints On The Internet

2021-01-31   |   by CusiGO

“I got a very nice woman’s name from my cousin and his girlfriend, who seemed to know them,” explained a 28 year old biochemist from Seville, who described the company’s leisure hotel in a phone call in January. “He told me everything very quickly. He didn’t know anything. It looks like my cousins know her. Trust me. I went to his website and didn’t see anything strange. Then she let me in to explain. She was fine, she told me everything, her husband was just as grouchy as I was, and suddenly she told me, if my card starts from 4 or 5. ”

In a few minutes, the 250 euro fee was completed. Hundreds of Spaniards have experienced the same experience. Leisure hotels offer a 40 night free hotel bonus at 250 euros, but don’t make a fuss: you also have to book half a pension so you can save money. Most importantly, there is no way to get a refund.

Last December, the country announced the strategy of the Andalusian travel agency. Since then, a large number of users and external employees from leisure hotels have written some new details to this newspaper, hoping to prevent more people from this kind of situation. The country has received more than 2000 Google reviews in which people can see the cloning model in text creation, as well as the company’s internal documents, such as scripts read by telecom operators and their instructions. The so-called “sheep factor” and speed (“don’t let your mind go”) are two of your telemarketing resources. The sheep factor is to make customers envy that their friends have enjoyed the leisure hotel.

Miguel Angel V á zquez, a leisure hotel lawyer, took part in TVE’s competition with Borja adsuara, a lawyer who advises affected groups, after the first article was published. “We enforce the law,” Basques said. “The sale of digital products takes this possibility into account, while leisure hotels sell digital products,” he said As adsuara explains, the non refundable option applies to products such as video games or streaming movies that you started to enjoy at the time of purchase, rather than Hotel bonuses that have not yet been reserved. “As a wholesaler, the company ranks 10th in Spain and 30th in Europe. It’s a strong company with 10 offices. In December last year, an operator of the company said in an interview with the United States: “we don’t have to report our stories or sales methods in any form, but we are happy to report because we are calm and we do well.”.

Not all leisure hotel calls are successful. Juanma fern á ndez, 22, an engineering student at the University of Seville, also received a call in January. “This is the second time they’ve called me, more than a year apart, and I know the cake,” he said. They started as usual, and in this case they mentioned a friend of Fernandez’s: “I got your phone number, Theresa, a friend of yours, who wants you to take advantage of this huge offer, just like her other friends.” The sheep factor begins.

That morning, Fernandez wanted to have some fun. To answer his question, he was inspired by auronplay’s joke about baldness, one of Spain’s most famous YouTube. “I told him that in order not to feel lonely, I joined an association called friends of baldness players, and we supported each other, We play together, we travel a lot, “he explained. The operator seemed afraid of nothing, but when she mentioned travel, she returned to the attack. I told him about the trip, but he became impatient and asked me for the details on my business card. I was surprised: “Miss, how can I give you my card number and CCV code on the phone?” “”

After a long call, the operator hung up and was obviously unhappy. But their persistence and twists and turns show their commitment to every call. Not all cases are like Serrano’s. The young biochemist explained: “my cousin, the one who contacted me, is now unemployed. For him, 250 euro is a huge effort.”. He added: “I don’t feel calm knowing they’re still doing these things.” These are detailed strategies in Internet and telephone leisure hotels.

Leisure hotels have 2402 reviews on Google, with 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. Nearly 11% (260 comments) came from 1 star. Comments come from angry people. This was the last time on January 26: “I’ve been calling me for many years, and I ask you to delete my data again. I don’t want to get anything from them. They say,” you know we’ll continue to call you, champion, “and hang me. I’m surprised at the company’s informality. ”

But the company has more five-star reviews: 1343, more than 55%. The importance of these stars in the company’s business is enormous. At a glance, a four-star company is reliable, a four-star company is reliable.

Two different examples confirm to the country that the company requires employees to review “from time to time.”. It has been confirmed that the name of the former klegas was among the perpetrators. Thanks to a high-profile person who removed everything from Google, you can draw conclusions from the comments of five-star leisure hotels. For example, 39 texts contain the “ociolovers” tag used by the company on the Internet, as well as a text written by “campanasads.”. There are also many repetitive patterns in the wording of the commentary:

Google is not allowed to comment on the same website twice with the same account. To add comments, users need different accounts or buy them. The pattern in the comment may indicate bulk purchase of text. Google allows you to see an account where comments are written on the planet. A user often writes about a business that is not in his / her city: in this case, a person from San Sebastian left a comment on the maraga leisure hotel.

Another model is less common in Leisure Hotel Reviews – at least if those who write reviews are real users – users who buy batteries in Costa Rica, dentists in pontevedra, lawyers in Barcelona, students at Cairo University, pizza in New York or restaurants in Caracas. They are also different users, praising each other for the same company from remote areas: customers of leisure hotels share the same lawyer in Barcelona, the same manager in Malaga or the same restaurant in Alicante.

The two most frequently repeated words in leisure hotel reviews are Francisco Cordero, brother of leisure hotel owner Javier Cordero. He made four comments. At LinkedIn, Francisco is “the project manager for presezia digital marketing.”. Presezia has 19 comments on Google: 14 authors also comment on leisure hotels and other companies in different cities around the world. The country has written to Francisco Cordero seeking clarification of this relationship, but he did not reply at the end of this article.

“Don’t let silence” or “let’s get in touch, don’t be silent,” warns a script read by telecom operators of leisure hotels that the country has access to. Most of the affected people interviewed in this paper describe the feeling that they don’t shut up, just like they talk. It’s a resource that doesn’t make customers think.

Sheep factor or jealousy of your neighbor is another great resource. Don’t stand outside the crowd: “come on, you almost missed it”, “they have a great travel promotion, only you missed it”, “he asked me to call you and let you use it”, just a few examples.

Another trick is to make you afraid of missing opportunities (“today is the last day, I don’t have any more promotions”), sense of urgency (“we have more than 60 people on the waiting list”) or sympathize with customers and make friends: “tell him all the positive things about ‘me too.'” For those who call, “always move forward and talk about questions you already know you can ask.”

The script provides possible client responses. If you are told “I have to think about it,” it is recommended that you convey a sense of urgency to him. Perhaps the biggest rudeness is for those who don’t have credit cards or money. “The same thing happened to one of my former clients. All he did was ask his family or friends for money. When you give him the money back, you give him two nights, and you become king. “That’s a standard answer.

The document also includes how to get new phone numbers with the so-called friends program. For example, the excuse is “let you be a VIP customer” and ask some contacts: “let’s make a list of names and phone numbers, so that those who like to travel can have as much fun as you.” Or another option: “it’s too fast. Put your hand on your phone and you’ll tell me.”

When someone types “Leisure Hotel” on Google, a list of websites related to the company appears. However, this article has also been published since last December. Another affected person is responsible for collecting page names: bonosohotels, clubhotels, packociohotels, ociohotels, ociohotels visions, sociohotels experiences, ociohotels, etc. All this is optimized for search engines to display them in front of the travelers forum, the company’s old enemy, where negative reviews accumulate and are not as easy to control as Google’s.

“These pages were created to give the impression that the company appreciates its services, but at the end of the day, it’s a marketing strategy to encourage those who don’t understand the Internet,” said the affected person, who tries to view the pages. “They are not dynamic pages that can interact with users.”

With an ad at the bottom of the first results page, the company itself generated a new search. Anyone who clicks will visit a website called “tehan callamedeohotels,” which redirects to search for content that is good for companies to create and hides content that is bad for them: “OCU” or “forum,” where there are negative comments. The ‘-‘ tells Google not to display results that contain the word.

In January of this year, at least two people affected wrote to this newspaper, saying that they had recovered the money. His strategy is to report to the police or the guard, and then go to the bank to complain: “in addition to writing letters, reporting and canceling credit cards, I went to the bank to fill out fraudulent transaction forms and talked with the departments responsible for these transactions. Maybe they put more pressure on it. ” A few days later, he received an email from the same company, which charged him: “in response to your email, we agree to your refund request.” It said, “regularize the purchase of corporate Malaga.”.

Like a successful example, the company continued to threaten, at least in the case of two angry users, who wrote, “his’ legal adviser ‘called me in a very threatening tone,” one said, “Tell me that if I have to go through the legal provisions to understand that the allegation of fraud is defamation, he will be sentenced to imprisonment. I replied that they already had complaints. His answer was “wait for you.”

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