Scientists At The Doomsday Clock Put Their Hands In 100 Seconds Of The Disaster

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

Last year, scientists manipulating the symbolic end of the world clock announced that mankind has never been as close to its own end as “even at the height of the cold war.”. They point to climate change, political instability, leaders like trump, who can end nuclear war and many other threats, epidemics. Two months later, the world was surrounded by viruses at home. In September, a huge fire broke out in California. Not long after that, the owner of the US atomic bomb launch code encouraged the establishment of an autonomous state. Today, as last year, the atomic scientist bulletin keeps the clock pointer of the end of the world at 100 seconds at midnight, symbolizing the end of the world.

“The hands of the Apocalypse clock hold 100 seconds before midnight, closer to midnight than ever before. The deadly and inspiring kovid-19 epidemic is a historic wake-up call, vividly demonstrating that governments and international organizations are not ready to deal with the threat of truly ending civilization, such as nuclear weapons and climate change, News agency president Rachel Bronson said.

“We create these threats, we can control them,” Bronson warned, “but the error rate is very low.” Brownson said that covid will not wipe out humanity, but it is a clear example of the inability of global authorities to deal with global dangers such as climate emergencies. “As we can see from the current pandemic, small things like viral mutations may bring us closer to the end. We must continue to take this threat seriously, “added Dr. ash George of the Council on science and security in newsletters.

The communique designed the clock to denounce the danger of self destruction brought by the arrival of the atomic bomb. Before 1945, mankind could not completely destroy itself. Scientists involved in its development feel the need to warn everyone about the dangers of its creation. Now that the clock is 75 years old, more survival risks have been incorporated: from bioterrorism and artificial intelligence to uncontrollable viruses.

“In this period of real crisis, governments often give up their responsibilities, ignore scientific advice, do not cooperate or communicate effectively, and therefore fail to protect the health and well-being of their citizens,” they said in a report published with the clock.

In 2007, climate change was listed as a serious threat to mankind, requiring an “urgent and immediate” response. Since then, the clock has been ringing around midnight because the five years of global temperature rise occurred after 2015. 1991 was a peaceful year, when the clock struck 17 minutes from 0 o’clock, Francis Fukuyama declared the end of history, and the United States and Russia signed the START treaty.

In view of the increasing importance of Geopolitics in the threat to human survival, the scientists in the communique received suggestions from Nelson Mandela’s organization for the elderly established in 2007, which drew on the experience of former world leaders, One of the most striking is the former president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who is co director of the independent panel to review who’s work during the coved pandemic.

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