Rosa Sanatorium

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

After being hospitalized, Valerie inkland wrote a rose poem about the sanatorium. This is a surrealist sonnet, written in the tone of the time, though not because of its modernist status, but because it lost castizo’s vitality. On the contrary, it is incompatible with the Spanish literary tradition.

In this poem, Valle Inc á n envelops us in the sensory environment of a sanatorium and leads us to the delusional unconscious of the paranoid. It is realized through language. When they are connected with each other, they will attack the ears with their melodies and convey to us the feeling of light, smell, and “Cubism, Futurism and harsh” of sanatorium. This is the last poem. It’s one of the most primitive night shows of all time. We’re talking about a radio show hosted by Jos é Luis Moreno Ruiz at rne, called sonnets. It was the 1980s. There is no other way.

Rosa de santory is a program for people who can’t sleep. They need to hear some strange things, but they are fascinated by a great storyteller. Through this project, we learned that olfactory disorder is a Greek word, which gives a name to a symptom, as asymptomatic as a lack of awareness of disease.

In 1914, French Polish neuroscientist Joseph Babinski first used the word “agnosia”. At that time, he introduced two hemiplegic patients who were not aware of this to Paris Neurology Society. Jos é Luis Moreno Ruiz tells us about some ominous cases of agnosia, such as patients asking nurses to remove the tray from the tray and remove the arm from the tray, believing that the arm is not his. They turned the show into a place for insomnia. Such programs are no longer on.

A few days ago, Jose Luis Moreno Ruiz left us forever. His death coincided with the night when fireball flew over Madrid at 126000 kilometers per hour. Rocks from asteroids hit the atmosphere and died deep in the valley. For those watching Moreno Ruiz, it’s not hard to imagine a content connection between the two events: the fireball through the night of Madrid, and the death of a radio announcer who tells us something from the illusory consciousness of a studio bathed in the light of Aquarius.

It’s a reality focused on one voice, which may tell you about high flow penile erection, rather than a stung prosthesis after amputation. Although it is a group tour, Moreno Ruiz has not lost the vitality of castiza tradition by doing so. Like Valerie inkland’s sonnets, the program aims to brighten the night of insomnia and open the eyes of those who fill the gap in scientific methods and distort the reality of the world. For Jose Luis Moreno Ruiz, physics is a colorful mathematics, and mathematics is a poem that the universe talks to us in digital language. If there is any way for Jose Luis Moreno Ruiz, it is to simply tell us the complexity of things, and then let us reconcile with our dreams through his game.

Stone axe is a part of Montero glez. With the will of prose, he makes a special siege of scientific reality to show that science and art are complementary forms of knowledge.

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