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How Should Companies Train Their Employees

The challenge of the automotive X Prize doesn’t seem to be complete: build a car that’s legal and affordable, but uses less than 100 mpg and needs to be built as soon as possible. Jojustis doesn’t believe in this evil, when

2012-08-22 | by CusiGO

Four Difficult Problems Faced By Financial Management Of Growing Enterprises

Don’t wear big shoes or small shoes. Big shoes reduce efficiency, waste resources and restrict development. In the growing enterprises, it is very important to build a suitable financial management system. Because of the high financial management requirements, talent allocation, too complicated process

2012-08-20 | by CusiGO

How To Avoid The Common Legal Risks When A Company Signs A Contract

In economic activities, companies often have a variety of disputes, even litigation, or as plaintiff or defendant. However, in litigation, we must follow two principles, that is, based on facts and based on law. With the deepening of China ‘s reform and opening up, the main market

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Solving Legal Problems For Entrepreneurs

This is a real case: the employees of a chain enterprise absconded with more than 10000 yuan of public funds, and the boss was refused after reporting to the police station. The reason is that the misappropriation of funds is not enough for 20000 yuan, which is not enough for filing a case. We are providing the legal housekeepers (yesmylaw. Com) with low cost and

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How Does The Business Team Establish An Effective Salary Incentive System

Why many business leaders don’t care about team performance? Why the salary system doesn’t motivate employees? Why the business colleagues are not closely connected? Why leaders crowd out excellent business colleagues? Why business leaders cover up

2012-08-14 | by CusiGO

Four Things That Need To Be Done In Advance: Saving Time By Legal Equity

When you start a business, there may be thousands of things to do: develop products, let users use products, recruit talents, etc. In this crazy period at the beginning of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship will forget to do some very basic things, and finally regret

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May The Agreement Not Be Protected By Chinese Law

The gambling agreement, with its popular Chinese translation, has been painted with a strong emotional color, and because it is in China, its application has gradually changed. The lawsuit between Suzhou Haifu investment and Gansu Shiheng, a company to be listed, over the past month in pe

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Entering The Era Of Lean Finance

Looking back on the development history of China’s 30 years of reform and opening up, it is not hard to see that when multiple factors such as system dividend, population dividend and market dividend are intertwined, the best strategic choice of local enterprises at that time is to open up new markets

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How Many Details Should We Pay Attention To In Order To Settle The Payment Smoothly

Boss Hu is a small home appliance agent in w City. He has been doing this business for nearly 20 years. In his own words, I am older than those famous products. Seeing that the hypermarket is in full swing now, Hu Lao is deeply moved by the hot and noisy scene

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Replacing Business Tax With Value-Added Tax: Is The Tax Burden On Start-Ups Lighter Or Heavier

[Chuangye bangxun] from August 1 to the end of 2012, the pilot scope of levying value-added tax instead of business tax in transportation industry and some modern service industries was expanded from Shanghai to Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Hubei, Guangdong and Xiamen in batches