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Template Of Registered Trademark Transfer Contract

The transferor of the registered trademark: (Party A) the transferee of the registered trademark: (Party B) Party A and Party B have reached the following agreement on the transfer of the registered trademark through consultation: 1. The transferred trademark name: 2. The trademark pattern (paste the trademark pattern, and the transferor shall

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Corporate Credit Guarantee Template

To the branch: to provide the borrower with a loan in accordance with the loan contract signed by you and the borrower on. Now we (hereinafter referred to as the guarantor) are willing to guarantee that when the borrower is unable to sign with your bank for any reason

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Product Sales Agent Agreement Template

Article 1 in consideration of the name of the manufacturer and the legal address of the company, the company agrees to grant the exclusive agency of the following products to the agent (hereinafter referred to as the agent)

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Legal Analysis Of The Proportion Of Investment In High-Tech Achievements

At the beginning of the establishment of high-tech enterprises, many shareholders’ meetings took the intangible assets they owned as the capital contribution of newly established companies. These intangible assets may include non patented technology, industrial property rights, invention and creation, utility model, appearance design and other high-tech achievements. Will be high…

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What Do You Think Of The Financial Data Of Multi-Channel Sales

No matter whether it is a private brand or acting as an agent for other brands, if these products are operated through multiple channels online and offline at the same time, we need to be more cautious about the use of financial and operational data when analyzing the operational benefit, because different channel characteristics are based on all

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Reflection On Operation: Profit And Cash

After the profit growth, why does the cash of the enterprise not grow? You may say that the inventory and accounts receivable of the enterprise will hold the cash. Indeed, profit and cash are not the same concepts. –(it’s not expensive for a long time. To be an enterprise, one must be clear

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Five Simple Ways For Startups To Save Money

Sara Sutton fell, founder and CEO of flexjobs in Boulder, Colorado, knows that group buying websites can not only benefit individual consumers, but also save money through group buying. Over the past year, faire has passed

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Cash Flow Forecast And Reserves Of Start-Ups

The most important financial forecast in a start-up company is its cash flow. Remember: cash flow! Cash flow means that the company’s money should flow in and out like the running water. The running water can’t be cut off. The company must come in more and go out less. Only in this way can the company be healthy

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How To Better Manage Cash Flow

For the financial management of growth enterprises, cash is the king. The difference between the time you pay your suppliers, your employees and the time you get your money back from customers is a big problem, and the solution is cash flow management. Cash flow management, the simplest