The People’S Party Warned That If The Government Pardoned “Trial” Prisoners, It Would Be “Almost Impossible” To Restore Judicial Power

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

If the Council of ministers finally approves the amnesty of 12 convicted trial leaders, nine of whom are in prison, the people’s party is ready to make a new round of adjustments to the positive opposition strategy of Pedro Sanchez’s government. The people have warned that they will avoid amnesty measures “at all costs”, and if that happens, they will appeal to the Supreme Court, which could cause trouble for the government, because a few years ago, the High Court opened the way in several judgments to revoke amnesty without proper reason. The leadership of the people’s party ruled out street protests because they did not support vox.

After the victory of Isabel D í AZ ayuso in Madrid, the relationship between the government and the people’s party has gone through one of the worst periods, but it is still likely to deteriorate. Pablo Casado’s leadership sees these elections as the beginning of a shift in his political cycle in favor of him, and believes that he must tighten his strategy to cut executives on all possible fronts to consolidate the latest PSOE poll. Cassado has announced that the legislature has “come to a dead end” after May 4. Now he sets the possible amnesty for independent leaders as “the red line Pedro Sanchez should not cross”. If he crosses the red line, it will mean the “end” of the legislature, According to the leaders of the people’s party, although management sources said that this does not mean that the people’s party will sever all bridges with the government, they do admit that if this happens, the relationship that has been damaged will be a contradictory one.

The people’s Party issued a threatening warning to the government on Monday. It’s done by Teodoro Garc í a EGEA, Pablo Casado’s most trusted man and secretary general, who also led the main negotiations with Moncloa, which are now deadlocked. ” Garcia egaya warned: “if the government issues an amnesty order to the prosecutor’s office or the court, the people’s party will apply to the Supreme Court and bear the final consequences to ensure that this does not happen.”. The party stressed that the trial leader, who had been jailed for three and a half years, did not show any regret and would insist that the amnesty measure was the political price Sanchez paid for the inauguration of the independent party, with ERC abstaining and Catalonia’s junts per Catalunya voting against it. Under the leadership of the people’s party, they think Sanchez will be tired of the decision and even doubt whether he will do it.

The PP will launch a legal and political offensive in case the government finally decides to take subtle steps to pardon them. If the people’s court considers that there are legitimate reasons, it may apply to the Supreme People’s court for cancellation. This is a possibility, especially when the reports of the office of the prosecutor and the trial court are contrary, as foreseen in this case.

The consequences will be mainly political. The people’s party warned that such action would “undermine” trust in the government, which, according to management sources, could affect issues such as the renewal of the General Council of justice, which has been in office for more than two and a half years. In fact, since the victory of the right wing in the Madrid election, the relationship between moncroya and the people’s party has seriously deteriorated, and the problem has come to a dead end, but these sources believe that if the amnesty is approved, the possibility of reaching any agreement is “almost impossible”.

The BJP does not want to repeat the mistakes of the past, nor to incite demonstrations or protests in the streets, such as the photo of Columbus summoning BJP, citizens and vox in February 2019 to oppose the existence of negotiations between the central administration and the Catalan government.

People think that this kind of action is only beneficial to the far right. ” There is no point in holding a demonstration to get Abbas Kar to show up and applaud him, “said a senior leader. When cassado warns that the legislature will run out and he does not intend to move a condemnation motion, they need sources from the surrounding environment, but in any case, the opposition will be through legal channels and parliament, not on the street. In the Catalan people’s party, they choose to be cautious. ” “The steps we have taken are very important and must be seriously considered,” a relevant leader said.

If the government makes progress on amnesty, it could face a political earthquake. Cassado has avoided forming an alliance with Sanchez in the diplomatic crisis between the Ceuta border and Morocco, and his last steps are on the confrontation line. Some people’s party sources are uneasy to point out that last week’s incident in Spain’s 2008 accident investigation committee is an example of this strategy of continuing conflict. The management decided to support the findings condemning Jos é Luis Rodr í Guez Zapatero, the socialist government, when there was a voice in parliament that it was meaningless to target the decision-makers in the plane crash.

Although the government has full power to grant amnesties, a few years ago, the Supreme Court opened the way in several judgments to overturn administrative decisions if they were not justified. On this point, it is important to have reports to the contrary, and in this case, so are the reports of the office of the prosecutor and the trial court. However, the Supreme Court must accept the PP’s appeal, and it is not clear whether it will, because under case law, only those involved in the judicial process can appeal (in which case it can).

Justice Minister Juan Carlos Campo on Monday called for a “natural” view of the amnesty document, whether favorable or unfavorable, or “in whole or in part.”.