The Community Accepted The Distribution Of 200 Minors

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

The autonomous region has agreed to place 200 minors under guardianship in xiuda to alleviate the humanitarian crisis caused by the irregular entry of about 9000 people last week. In view of the large number of minors smuggled from Morocco to xiuda and the limited capacity of the city to accommodate them, the Ministry of social rights has promoted an inter territorial agreement to unite and share the children already in xiuda. However, in the municipality, about 800 children and teenagers have been identified in recent days, and the number of street children is unknown.

Of the 16 communities convened to support humanitarian emergencies, only larioha declined to provide the 17 sites proposed by the Ministry. According to sources attending the meeting, larioha still did not have enough capacity at the territorial Council of social services held on Tuesday and promised to receive only five minors. The Valencia community will take over the arrival of 13 children and offer to take in 12 children belonging to larioha until they have adequate facilities.

The meeting continued in a friendly atmosphere until the end of the voting. That’s Madrid raising the tone, and although it accepts a quota of 20 children, it’s the only community to vote against it. According to members of the Council, Madrid has taken on its responsibilities, but it wants to express its different views. Javier lungo, a social policy adviser in Madrid, criticized Pedro Sanchez’s government’s immigration policy and pointed out the community’s efforts to accommodate minors without special funds. Madrid also questioned the Council’s ability to make the distribution agreement binding.

Among other indicators, the distribution proposal developed by Ione belara’s ministry takes into account the population of each territory, the number of children admitted, per capita income and unemployment rate. This sharing model, known as the “sharing proposal”, has been advocated by lehendakari Vasco I รจ I go urkullu since 2018 and is the fairest solution to the challenge of Spanish and European immigrants.

This distribution applies only to minors who were already in the custody of the autonomous region before the crisis. The aim is to give the protection system more room to take care of hundreds of new children and adolescents until their fate is resolved. Many want to go home and reunite with their families, but there are also many who don’t want to hear about going back to Morocco.

The Valencia community intends to take over part of the Plaza larioha, which will accommodate 25 children and adolescents, while Madrid and Galicia will accommodate 20 minors. Then there are Castilla and Leon (18), Catalonia (15), Castilla Raman cha (14) and Andalusia (13). The Canary Islands, Ceuta and melilia, communities whose guardianship exceeds their capacity, have been excluded.

When the communities met, they promised that the government would be able to afford to take care of young people. On Friday, Nacho Alvarez, Secretary of state for social rights, sent an email to members of the autonomous region informing them that after meeting with the Ministry of finance, A special fund of 5 million euros will be provided to help receive the minors of xiuda. ” “I thank you again for your efforts to receive these minors,” the letter concluded.