Cuddle On The Beach

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

In a symbolic photo taken on Tuesday, a Red Cross volunteer and an immigrant embrace at talajar beach. The protagonist is Abdu, 27. The young Senegalese, who was deported to Morocco after stepping on Spanish land, told rtve from Casablanca on Monday that he was ill because of poor travel conditions. There, she thanks 20-year-old volunteer Luna Reyes by video phone for her support. ” “I’ll never forget his gestures,” he recalled excitedly. Abdou said she would like to thank you personally for your help and denounce the attacks on volunteers through social media gestures when embracing image change. ” I don’t understand why they attacked the moon. She just did her job. He comforted me, comforted me, it was a human gesture, “he said.

The young man said that he had lived in Morocco for four years and the living conditions were poor. This was not the first time he tried to cross the border with his brother. He set out from Tangier to fnideq (old castle), only knowing that the Moroccan government had relaxed its surveillance on the border with Ceuta for several hours. ” We walk from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. In the last part of the trip, just before they crossed the border, they swam for 20 minutes and slid down the slopes of tarajar beach. Later, exhausted, he went to the beach, where he got a famous hug, and when he saw his brother in a coma, he cried. So far, he has not heard from him.

Abdel and his brother, who lived in Senegal with their grandmother after losing their parents, decided to immigrate to Morocco four years ago because they could not pay for their financial difficulties with the wages of a mason. However, his ultimate goal is to arrive in Spain one day, where he hopes to start “a new life, a life of dignity”. Moreover, as he said in an interview with rtve, he dreams of seeing his team Barcelona play. He also said he was not afraid to die on the journey and was ill because of the extreme travel conditions. He still coughs a lot and feels tired.

Senegalese are one of more than 8000 immigrants who crossed the Moroccan border into Ceuta last Monday to Wednesday. According to Spanish police sources, in such a short period of time, so many immigrants have never entered the country illegally, and the Moroccan gendarmerie has shown “extraordinary passivity”. The root cause of the migration crisis is the 71 year old Brahim Gali, leader of the Frente Polisario, who was treated in Spain in April this year. He was sent to the logronho hospital in April, suffering from coronavirus. The Moroccan authorities do not like this gesture. The United States recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara in December last year. Of the more than 8000 migrants, some 7500 have returned to Morocco. Some non-governmental organizations pointed out that the government was enthusiastically repatriating thousands of people, some of whom even had fragile characteristics.