A So-Called Million Euro Fake Invoice Sparked A “Public Case”

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

With the addition of more documents to the Punica case, this lengthy judicial investigation is facing the final stage, which is expected to end in the summer, and is investigating, inter Alia, the alleged illegal financing of popular Madrid people during the Esperanza Aguirre stage. Guillermo Ortega, the former mayor of majadahongda, who was jailed in the G ü RTEL case, submitted a series of invoices to the National High Court in April, which he said showed that there was another way to spend more than 1 million euros of abnormal funds on training. The move by the former governor led judge Manuel Garc í a Castell ó n to question the new documents and separate them from the rest of the case, which sparked protests against the charges.

The complaint is an allegation in the final stage of a public case, which includes criticism by prosecutors of the judge’s “avoidance” of certain “evidence or evidence”. The European Association of Democratic Lawyers (ADE), as the people’s Procuratorate, He now worries that the judge’s decision to remove these new invoices from the investigation into the illegal financing of the Madrid people’s party will prevent him from obtaining all the elements necessary to “clarify the facts” and prosecute those responsible. In addition, after the investigation into Cristina cifutentes, she was charged until a month ago, when it was decided whether to take the same action against the other two still suspected former presidents, Aguirre and Ignacio Gonzalez, all of which were shelved.

Guillermo Ortega made a major statement on another channel of capital inflow in the summer of 2020. On July 9 last year, the former ex regidor reported that he had “excess turnover” of more than 1 million euros through the recruitment advertisement of Puerta de Toledo, It’s up to the regional government. According to the explanation of the former people’s party, who was sentenced to more than 40 years’ imprisonment in the mastermind of the G ü RTEL case, the regional people’s party embezzles public “funds” through the company to “improve” the image of members of the autonomous administrative departments, including Aguirre, or organize activities for the media.

Ault stressed that he was “willing to cooperate fully with the judiciary” and reiterated that he had a direct understanding of the violations. Basically, after the Madrid people’s party forced him to leave the mayor’s office in 2005 because of a city scandal, Aguirre’s executives reappointed him as manager of the Toledo market. From there, as he said in his statement, he passed a bill to transfer the money to the party’s election company, fund B.

Based on this testimony, the investigating judge ordered the collection of new documents from the Toledo Gate market in September 2020. Information obtained through the office of the economic adviser was transmitted to Ortega for further study and understanding of the reported facts. But the former mayor of majada Benda responded to the initiative in April last year when his lawyer Gustavo gal á n sent a letter to the judge saying that he could not complete his work because he had only received four contracts from public companies and therefore disappeared, Most of the documents the court asked the community to provide included all the company’s accounts and its audit from 2006 to 2009. Despite the deficit, the former registrant said he now provided some documents retrieved from the email, which he insisted would reinforce his argument that there is a “charging system designed to meet the economic needs of the Madrid people’s party”.

According to Ortega, these documents include invoices for services that are “never performed” or contain the concept of “duplication.”.

The judge received the letter suspiciously from Guillermo Ortega. In an order, the judge stressed that “attention is drawn to the fact that the invoice submitted is a document from his e-mail and therefore a document he already has” for some time. He added that his “personal circumstances” must be taken into account when “assessing the credibility of his testimony”: he is currently in prison. He added that he did not provide any evidence “to prove the existence of the fund,” which is said to have allowed funds to be transferred to the Madrid people’s party.

Therefore, after expressing its intention to accelerate the completion of the study on abnormal financing of PP (see Part 9), the, The trainer believes that “the wishes of the complainants should not depend on the advancement of the procedure”, and the fact put forward by the investigators is a “qualitative leap” in the investigation. Therefore, it agreed to analyze them separately and opened up a new research route: separate part 13.

Garc í a Castell ó n is in his favor in an order of the fourth chamber of the criminal division of the National High Court, which rejected further action by the prosecutor’s office on the illegal financing of the Madrid people’s party in part 9 last February. In fact, the resolution urges the investigating judge to complete an investigation that “has been going on for some time since the beginning of 2014”: “the court held that after a very long investigation that began more than seven years ago, The proceedings you are interested in should not be delayed to complete a separate part of what you call “No. 9.”.

Ortega shares a lawyer with Luis B á rcenas, who also issued a statement in bunica in February. Extesorero said he received a 60000 Euro envelope from builder Luis g á lvez in 2007 or 2008. This testimony led the judge to interrogate the businessman in March, but a day after his testimony, the judge dismissed him for lack of evidence. ” In a letter submitted last week, ADAD commented: “it is surprising that those under investigation who deny the facts of the charges in full exercise of the right of defence are more credible than those witnesses who try to assist in the investigation of the facts involved.”.