Waiting For A New Role

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

Every time Louis balsenas spoke, the people’s party headquarters trembled. For example, in the three earthquakes last month, the people’s prosecutor submitted a confession to the anti corruption office on January 26, followed by two statements in the kitchen and Punica cases on February 15 and 24, in which he referred to Mariano Rajoy, He accused Esperanza Aguirre of knowing about parallel accounting and blamed him for receiving 60000 euros in black money from a builder. His words had a huge political impact, but its legal significance remains to be seen. Barsenas has not yet provided new documents, and his testimony has lost value over time because he has provided contradictory versions on some key issues based on different defense strategies developed by different lawyers.

It started on July 15, 2013. Extesorer, who had just changed his lawyer, denied for months that box B, which was found in the country in January of the same year, stood in front of judge Pablo Luz and pulled off the blanket. for the first time.

“You say it’s” totally wrong “, it’s a quotation mark, the existence of an accountant B, and the bonus paid during your years as manager and financial officer of the people’s party. I have to ask if you insist on that,” the judge said.

-That’s not true… So I don’t support that – barsenas flatly replied that since then, he has started to report a series of violations by the main opposition parties and the government. In addition, as a support, he provided lecturers at the national hearing with a wall chart with supporting documents for his version.

This moment once again became a huge bright spot. Extesorer and his new lawyer, Gustavo gal á n, have repeatedly said in the past few weeks that bassanas did not provide all the important things that day and that he hid the bullets in the room. He retained compromise materials, including a recording of a discussion with Rajoy and Javier arenas on Box B, as well as a document on the suspected illegal financing of ajire PP. But it was “stolen” by people in the kitchen, a plot orchestrated by the interior ministry to steal sensitive material from conservative training.

Therefore, extesorer’s remarks will help to support the charges against kitchen, where there is already a lot of other evidence of espionage without judicial control. However, in addition, barsenas told Judge benica last Wednesday that he had given several “boxes” to “a friend” a few years ago and that he was now trying to recover them. These will help in the investigation of bribery, which is still being tried at national hearings, in order to prove the link between employer contributions and public works awards as reflected in the people’s party’s parallel accounting.

The problem is, as long as none of this comes up, he keeps his word. “There’s a gap, and that’s the documentary evidence he claims goes beyond what is already contained in his documents,” admitted some of the popular charges made in the trial of the BJP b-box, because the latest version of bassanas contradicts the version he has insisted on for years. In a statement to judge Jos é de la Mata of tiruz on December 21, 2018, he said that “everything relevant” was on the memory card handed over on July 15, 2013. He added that his then lawyer, Javier g ó mez de LIA ó o, accepted his defence on the condition that he cooperated fully with the investigators and provided “all the documents.”. “There’s no other, there’s no corresponding,” he told the sheriff.

“If we take out [Rajoy’s] text messages… It’s time to put everything on the table. If I had those recordings (with Rajoy and arenas), they would come out. I’ve never recorded anyone. Absolutely no one. I can’t tell you anything. In December 2019, judge Manuel Garc í a Castell ó n, investigating kitchens and public places, added: “he (my lawyer) told me that all the documents he had had to go to court. All files are files. ”

Another important version change comes from his confession to the anti corruption Bureau on January 26, in which he acknowledged for the first time that some businessmen’s donations to the people’s party fund have the “ultimate nature”: namely They are “percentage rewards” for specific public works or services. The police have documented this through their own investigation, not thanks to him, because these new words are in sharp contrast to his statement in July 2013, when he said: “donations have never been shortlisted, except for one from Castilla Raman in 2007, but have never been shortlisted”: “Alvaro Laputa, [his predecessor] made it very clear that there was no price for the amount received. ”

The trial of Box B of the people’s party will resume on March 8, when the Brazilian himself will be interrogated. Then you will have a new chance to deal with your old opponent. She won’t be the only one: on day 11 of the same week, she appeared on the Congressional kitchen Committee. Under the direction of judge Santiago pedraz, his statement in April’s bribery investigation has yet to be published, and he has asked him to provide all the documents he believes “support his demonstration”.

For those pointed out, the old Brazilians have become the best weapon against the new Brazilians. Pablo Casado, the leader of the people’s party, challenged him after his last confession to the anti corruption agency: “if you have evidence, I can put them on the table,” he said, accusing the government of supporting the letter without evidence. Aguirre also accused him of lying on Wednesday: “this gentleman’s credibility is zero.” No, minus 30. ” According to rosalia Iglesias, a former people’s party leader, the former prosecutor has changed the version to try to obtain prison benefits and permits for him and his wife rosalia Iglesias.

On February 8, the first day of the BJP b-box trial, BJP lawyers also attacked extesorer. He provided the rulings of 19 judiciaries, which he said “did not bring any credibility or credibility to his statements,” including the ruling that the BJP was acquitted of the destruction of Bassana’s hard drive, He stressed the “distrust” of his testimony as a result of “significant changes in the version.”.