Gonzalez Leia Visits The Border Between Colombia And Venezuela

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

Enrique Santiago, head of the IU and Secretary General of the PCE, said foreign minister arancha Gonz รก lez Laya visited the border between Venezuela and Colombia and called it a “provocation” or “serious diplomatic mistake.” Area.

Commenting on twitter, Santiago also stressed that if the EU strangles Venezuela with “illegal sanctions”, he knows that the response of Nicolas Maduro’s administration will be to “expel” his ambassador in Caracas. “Going to the Venezuelan border with the most right-wing government in the region is a provocative or serious diplomatic mistake.”

As a result, Spain canceled its identity to help solve the problem, “she said on the social network, along with a picture of a foreign journalist visiting the border to verify the situation of Venezuelan immigrants staying in Colombia. I also attach another press release on the UN special commissioner’s request for the lifting of sanctions against Venezuela by the United States and the European Union.

This week, the Venezuelan government warned Venezuela that the decision to expel the EU ambassador to Caracas would help strengthen the isolation of Maduro’s government, and asked the Venezuelan government to reverse the situation. The minister also defended her border trip with Venezuela, referring to her “freedom” and claiming that she “clearly” explained the background of the visit. The Venezuelan President ordered a “thorough review” of all relations with Spain in response to Gonzalez Leia’s visit, which the leader called “aggression and interference” in Spain’s internal affairs.