Corinne De Bourbon, Queen Of Spain

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

It’s Corinne Larsen who talks about marriage in public. Last August, she issued a statement to the BBC saying her father called her in 2009 to tell her that Juan Carlos I had proposed to her. “He also told my father that I couldn’t do it right away, it would take a while. I want my father to know that I’m serious. I think it could destabilize the monarchy, which is why I have never pursued the idea of a wedding. I just see it as a test of the seriousness of the relationship.

Corinne’s father, Finn B ü nning Larsen, died in the same year, so only the retiring king could prove whether such a request had been made. The opposite is true: it was the divorced German women who pressed him to divorce queen Sophia and formalize their relationship.

In 2005, Spain’s King’s mistress divorced her second husband, the German aristocrat cassimir zusain Wittgenstein, but she still used her surname and the title of princess. When her ex husband married American model Alana Bunte, the situation became unsustainable, He will eventually get married in 2019.

One person with a high responsibility in the then government admitted that Juan Carlos I was totally dedicated to Corinne and planned to spend the rest of his life with her. In 2012, the 65 million euros she received from the king of Saudi Arabia (from the money she received from the king of Saudi Arabia) was not a generous “thank you gift”, but a transfer within the couple to pay for their future cohabitation, even though they didn’t want to return when they broke up.

The relationship is very different from other extramarital affairs of Juan Carlos I. according to the same source, the then king even consulted a law firm specializing in divorce to inquire about the possibility of ending his marriage of more than 40 years. One of his hypotheses, even if he didn’t take any steps in this direction, was assured by the same sources that for them, the possibility of Corinne becoming the Queen’s spouse was just a dream, “or rather a nightmare.”.

Even if the king resigns to marry her and never finds the queen, divorce will be an earthquake. That’s why the government (Zapatero’s last and Rajoy’s first) warned that Juan Carlos I’s relationship with the former German prime minister began to be seen as a “national issue.”.

On April 13, 2012, Juan Carlos I caused an accident while hunting elephants in Botswana. On the way back, due to the king’s serious injury, Corinne asked the plane to divert to Monaco and leave her there, which triggered a fierce conflict with the royal family. Finally, the plane flew directly to Madrid with the king and his mistress, and the relationship was made public.

Less than a month later, on May 5, general Felix sands Roldan, director of the National Intelligence Center, went to London to meet Corinne at a hotel. In a statement made by videoconference during the defamation trial of commissioner Jose Manuel villareho last January, she reiterated that the director of the secret service had threatened her at that meeting, which general sands categorically denied.

However, what the director of CNI told her did not convince her that it was wise to end her relationship with the king of Spain, which continued for another two years, despite ups and downs, according to sources at the time.

On January 6, 2014, it was the turning point of Juan Carlos I’s rule. The king hesitated and lost the clue when he read the military Passover speech in front of the head of the armed forces. The mistake was due to the monarch’s poor health, who had undergone a series of surgeries in the past few years. This is more likely due to a lack of rest, as the king and Corinne had their birthday in London the day before and could hardly sleep.

Juan Carlos I’s image on military Easter sparked a debate about his abdication, which has been brewing since last year, despite the king’s hesitation. According to sources who closely follow the process, one of the people who put the most pressure on him is Corinne Larsen.

Juan Carlos I finally decided to relinquish the throne to his son, and announced his resignation on June 2, 2014. It was after he was no longer head of state that when he had more freedom to rebuild his life, Corinne’s relationship with the retired king, which began 11 years ago, finally broke down.

In April 2015, less than a year after Juan Carlos I abdicated, their relationship broke down, Corinne Larsen held a meeting in London with former Telef ó Nica president Juan Villalonga and retired Commissioner Jose Manuel villareho, recording a tape that the latter would later use against the retired king. What happened in such a short time, and who was so generous to her that German expression angered her?

Sources at the time said that after Juan Carlos I broke up with Corinne, the government ensured that the foreign presidents and tycoons who received her were told that there was no longer any relationship between them. The door in the king’s hand suddenly closed, and his business, based on influence and public relations, was in trouble.