The Detainee Is Accused Of Fatally Stabbing A Priest In A Church In Jan

2021-02-27   |   by CusiGO

The National Guard has solved the murder of a saint in the Royal Church of Alcala, Ja é n, which was shot in front of the temple on Friday. The alleged perpetrator, a 33 year old Romanian, was arrested two hours later with blood on his clothes and admitted responsibility for the crime on Saturday, according to an investigation source.

Francisco Z ú NiGa, 52, is a pastor (21700 residents) of the Church of La consolation de Alcala La real. According to people familiar with the matter, last night, when a religious ceremony was held in the temple, he had a heated discussion with Romanian citizens, who used to beg at the door of the church. The victim accused the attacker of not wearing a mask and trying to enter the compound, then Z ú NiGa was stabbed and died almost immediately. The guard is still looking for the white weapons used in the crime.

Thanks to the cooperation of citizens and witnesses to the incident, two hours later, the local police in Alcala rareyar arrested a major suspect who had pleaded guilty when he tried to take refuge in the homes of other compatriots living in the same location. The source assured the paper that detainees who came to Alcala as temporary workers of the olive movement had similar stab wounds and attacks in other European countries and in the town of adamuz Cordoba in 2017.

The City Council of Alcala rarea announced a formal day of mourning, with a half day crime protest rally in the presence of all members of the company and relatives of the Sacramento, He is also an employee of the blue district management company, serving as Marcello at the solemn ceremony of the City Council. Zuniga will be buried this afternoon at a mass hosted by Bishop amardio Rodriguez of Hahn.

Mayor Marino Aguilera (PP) thanks citizens for their cooperation and calls for calm and peaceful coexistence. “It’s a difficult and angry moment, but the alleged murderer has been arrested and justice must continue,” Aguilera said, calling for an end to the “hate messages” that have spread on social media since the crime. “Hatred will not solve any problem,” he said.

The city council also wants to avoid rallies held this afternoon through various forums and social media. “We don’t have to concentrate on asking for revenge, nor do we have to denigrate any group that lives peacefully in Alcala,” Aguilera said.

At the same time, vox used the incident for its anti immigration campaign: “in Spain, a Maghreb beggar with military years and good health should work in his own country. What does he look like? How many thousands of Maghreb beggars come into Spain every week to thank malasca? Hermann tertsch, a vox member, wanted to know that he also confused the nationality of the alleged killer.