Barcelona Rapper Hassel’S Ninth Day Of Protests Saw Serious Rioting

2021-02-27   |   by CusiGO

New roadblocks and riot nights in Barcelona. According to the city guard, thousands of people, 4000 people, gathered protestors from different communities at the beginning of the march in University square, chanting slogans such as “freedom, Pablo Hassel”, “freedom of speech” or “anti capitalism”. The March led to serious roadblocks, attacking at least one banking institution, tellers and throwing incendiary bombs at a city guard van. It was the ninth demonstration in the Catalan capital against the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hassel for inciting terrorism and insulting the royal family.

The protests continued quietly until, in laranbra, some protestors smashed the windows of all the cashiers and banking institutions they passed by with hammers and percussion tools, and even opened fire, forcing firefighters to intervene in one of them, for example, in the city The catalogue building of the umbrella house. The most tense incident occurred at the city police station, where the protestors threw flammable materials under a burning police car with two policemen in it. They had time to leave. In Catalonia square, a Zara store was ransacked, the glass of a hotel upstairs was broken, and furniture and gardeners on the terrace of the restaurant were thrown to the ground in Rambla Catalonia.

Mossos d’esquadra arrested 10 people, including one in connection with the attack on a police car. City guard, three. The mayor of Barcelona, IDA kolou, “strongly condemns the violence following the peaceful demonstrations in Barcelona,” and supports city guards, officials of the Rambla police station, as well as neighbors and businessmen affected by the conflict. Acting Vice President Pere Aragones said that “robbing or destroying shops, burning furniture or attacking public workers is neither freedom of speech nor freedom of demonstration.”.

Police in the autonomous region explained that during the protest, “250 to 300 people were found acting violently in groups of 15 to 20 people, parallel to most of the demonstrations that passed through the city center peacefully.”. According to the same source, some of these groups “launched fireworks in an organized way, used gasoline to ignite the fire inside the bank, and launched gasoline or similar torches.”. They also warned that some of the protestors had set up roadblocks, making police operations more difficult.

The riots in Barcelona on Saturday came at a time of intense internal discomfort for mossos d’esquara, who felt he did not have the support of policy makers. In the past ten days, several leaders of the independent party have criticized the work of the agency, especially after a protester lost an eye, possibly because of a bubble bomb fired by police in the autonomous region. Yesterday, the anti capitalist cup, represented by Carles Riera and Eul รก LIA reguant at the beginning of the demonstration, called for the disbanding of the mossos riot team, and the two main parties, esquerra and junts, agreed to negotiate A new mode of public security However, mosos’ unease has prompted the debate to be postponed until after the new president takes office, and there is no scheduled date.

A banner with the words “until they fall” on the front. There is nothing to lose. “All for victory,” the demonstration marched on the broad streets of Aix until it entered the narrow streets of Laval district. When they arrived at a nearby police station, mossos d’esquadra set up police roadblocks there, with some of the protestors throwing objects at them and others crossing containers in the street. The target of the march was Rambla, where tellers and banking institutions continued to be attacked, some of whose windows were broken. At the city guard’s police station, more throwing objects and paint were applied to police cars, and protestors threw flammable liquids at them and burned them under them.

A mossos d’esquadra van intervened in Rambla to drive the protestors out of the scene. In Catalonia square, protestors broke glass and robbed a Zara shop and decathlon hundreds of meters away. In lambura, Catalonia, an NH Hotel Chain was attacked.

This morning, there were protests in different towns in Catalonia: Girona, tirasa and Barcelona. In addition to the capital of Catalonia, there were protests in Girona and Leda, where the singer came from and he was held in Puente prison. On Friday, Barcelona’s City Council called for an amnesty for the rapper and rejected violence during the protest.

Repeated protests have been criticized by different political leaders. The current president, Pere Aragones, condemned “plundering and destroying commerce, burning furniture or attacking public workers”, which are “neither freedom of speech nor freedom of demonstration”. Barcelona’s mayor tweeted “a strong condemnation of the violence” and supported the city’s security guards, neighbors and businessmen affected. Salvador illa, the socialist presidential candidate, expressed “seamless support” to the local police and mosos, calling it “a new night of serious bickering.”. In addition to political anger, there is also economic anger, and Barcelona’s main business entities are preparing to fight back against the protests of the past few days.

The singer was arrested at Leda University on Tuesday, February 16. Since then, there have been regular protests in different cities throughout Spain. From the same day, demonstrations have been held in Barcelona. Riots, clashes with mossos desquadera and robberies continued for eight nights from the date of arrest until February 23.

The protest after the rapper’s arrest was characterized by different online accounts. There is no obvious entity or leadership behind them. On Saturday, in addition to demanding the release of Hassel, he also called for an amnesty for all those detained and imprisoned on the night of the protest. In Barcelona, people gather in the University square. In addition, an hour ago, the procession planned to start from santz square, Les SEPs square and Gran Via conn Marina Square.

This morning, in Girona, 400 people demonstrated in the center of the city, demanding the release of Hassel and the trial of prisoners. In the same city, a group of demonstrators cut off the highway within two hours until the autonomous region police successfully expelled them. Another protest is planned in the afternoon.

In Barcelona, hundreds of people demonstrated in Sant district to demand amnesty for KARs, a neighbor who was arrested, imprisoned and released last week after taking part in a protest and moving a fence in front of mosos. There was no incident during the March, and within minutes the protestors cut off the main road of Madrid, a main road in the area.

In Terrassa, family members, friends and members of the anti fascist movement gathered in court after last night’s riot and protest and seven detainees. Three detainees, minors, have been released. Others are between the ages of 20 and 25.