Calvo, On Juan Carlos I’S New Fiscal Normalization: “This Is Not Good News”

2021-02-26   |   by CusiGO

Carmen Calvo, the government’s first vice president, on Friday avoided commenting on Juan Carlos I’s second fiscal consolidation, which is more than 4 million euros. “No member of the government can comment on the tax liability of any citizen. “We can only get the respect we deserve,” Calvo said in an interview with south channel radio. However, he admitted: “we are not facing good news.”

Calvo emphasized his positive view on this issue, that is, “this is an example of a well functioning country, which requires everyone to have responsibility and everyone must demand them equally.”. The vice president added that Spain’s democracy has “a strict rule of law and no one can escape the law.”. As he promised, once Juan Carlos I fulfilled his obligations, the government would know.

On Thursday night, after learning about the financial normalization of the retired king, the second vice president Pablo Iglesias tweeted a message linking it to his decision not to applaud King Philip VI at the 23-f coup Memorial: “the problem shouldn’t be Why don’t we clap for something, we clap for others. ” On this point, as well as the statement of the church yesterday afternoon that perhaps at some point, we can unite and say “we have come so far”, vice president Calvo encouraged a lowering of tone. “I say that every week at control meetings, and President Sanchez says the lower the decibels, the better.”

“What matters is the facts. In the year we’ve been hit by this epidemic, we’ve passed 40 protective rules, the national budget, the president at all costs to get European money, we’ve reached four agreements with employers and unions… That’s the reality, “stressed Calvo. The vice president downplayed the “noise,” she said, “because we are the first coalition government to be new.”. The vice president recalled that PSOE and Unidos Mayo are “two different parties, one with 120 seats and the other with 35 seats.” she reiterated the “facts” to assess the actions of the executive: “fortunately, we do not agree that in this crisis, the weakest party should pay the price. This is the latest. ”

Although Calvo doesn’t think the government should start evaluating Juan Carlos I’s fiscal normalization, consumer affairs minister Alberto Gasson posted two messages on his twitter account this morning, There, he pointed to years of “voluntary blindness,” where he was “politely praised.”. Garson called it “the amazing ease with which millions of euros flow, hide and then miraculously appear.”.