They Found A Man Who Had Been Dead For More Than Four Years

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

For several months, due to a lack of information, a resident of a small apartment building in Mikel rossello Alemanni street in kalameije District informed the local police in Parma about his neighbors. I haven’t seen him in town for months. After talking to the residents of the block, the police entered the apartment with the key provided by the neighbor and found the body of the 55 year old man lying on the sofa in the living room surrounded by beer bottles. According to the location of his remains, it is preliminarily estimated that he has been dead for more than four years, but the exact time will be determined by autopsy.

Cala major is one of the coastal areas of Parma, where tourist apartments are integrated with luxury residences, second homes, multi-ethnic restaurants and small discos. A community where a lifetime resident lives with foreign tourists coming and going, is now stopped by the pandemic. A resident walking on the street where the apartment is located commented that perhaps the cosmopolitan characteristics of the area make a neighbor with depression absent.

The national police also came to the house, where they found what they called a “shocking” scene. The man lay on the sofa and covered part of it with a blanket. The time after his death has passed, and the body has become a skeleton covered with the clothes he wore at the time of his death. The reason remains to be determined. The area is surrounded by thick dust, with beer bottles and cigarette boxes all over the sofa. The coroner went to the scene, he realized that the dead may have been dead for several years, the body was carried away.

Today, some neighbors are shocked by the fact and timing of the body’s discovery. Maria and Alexander don’t know who this is because they recently live in a studio nearby and don’t live much in the area. “It’s a pity that it’s been so long and nobody cares about it. It’s terrible,” lamented Mary. Another neighbor said she recognized the dead in sight but knew nothing about his life or what he had done. The national police are trying to find potential relatives of the deceased and try to find out why no one had previously reported his absence.