The Agreement Between The People’S Party And The Government Broke Down Again

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

Half an hour ago, the government’s accomplice was Vox, who, according to the people’s party, agreed that 140 billion euros of European funds “would be held by Pedro Sanchez and Paul Iglesias.”. Half an hour later, at the same plenary session of Congress on Thursday, VOA members chanted, “let them kiss! Let them kiss! “After the people vote for the formation of two governments, a new board of directors of rtve will be established.

Three weeks ago, according to the speaker of the house of Representatives and the leader of the PSOE, vox was a party “more national than PP” because it abstained from approving plans to implement European funds, which were vetoed by the public and citizens. Three weeks later, in Parliament again, according to Tamara Raya, a member of the socialist party, the people’s party, through an agreement with the executive branch, appointed a new leadership of rtve to become a “right-wing party with national consciousness”.

Whenever an opposition party offers any convenience to the government, others accuse it of being a traitor. When it happened to citizens, he supported the continuous expansion of alarm status. When it happened to Vox, he allowed the European fund program to move forward. Now it happened to the people’s party and the rtve Convention and the unfinished judicial agreement. As the role changes, the government’s view of which opponent is most responsible is changing rapidly.

In a plenary session of Parliament on Thursday, opposition parties began voting as traitors to discuss an amendment to a bill to implement the European fund, which was proposed by citizens and supported by the people’s party. A month ago, he allowed the plan to enter the parliamentary process. “It’s moncroya and galapaga that they never dreamed of.” In the view of the government, it is the people’s party and citizens who are irresponsible. “Then they complain that they don’t matter,” attacked Pedro Casares, a popular socialist MP. Obviously, the PSOE MP no longer remembers that citizens played a key role in the government’s rescue of the prolonged state of panic, accusing liberals of “every important moment you can’t count on.” The proposal was rejected, and the vote increased the votes of the government and its longtime allies.

Then, six rtve board members agreed by the executive department and the people’s party held a debate before the vote, and the betrayal and irresponsible behavior were completely eliminated. Manuel Mariscal, a member of Vox, said in a loud voice: “this is a consensus theater, where agencies are distributed in the office.” “We are a national party,” defended Macarena Montesinos, a member of the people’s party, which was quickly supported by the socialists. Montesinos did not flinch in his fight back against right-wing extremists: “enough of the despicable numbers and Salvadorans. You want the free media to shut up. ”

Vox’s anger is now shared by the public. His deputy, Guillermo DIAS, stressed that the candidates agreed by the government and the BJP ignored the previous assessment of the Committee of experts. He gave an example: “you didn’t choose first, you chose 55th.” Diaz accused the two parties of failing to agree on a response to the epidemic, but “separating judges from television.”. “I feel sad and ashamed. What planet do you live on? “He said. Citizens, like Vox, did not vote, a rare majority in a fragmented parliament like today: 249 are the sum of PSOE, PP, United pomos and PNV. When the results were announced, vox people began to sing the so-called melody of marriage. Let’s wait and see, because the stable relationship in Congress will be dissolved in a few minutes.