Psoe And Pp Have Reached A Major Agreement To Update Four Key Organs

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

After two years of long war, the first major agreement between the government and the opposition was long night negotiations. The PSOE and PP finalized a major agreement on Wednesday night, including the renewal of contracts by the judiciary, the rtve Commission, the constitutional court and the Ombudsman. The deadline is Thursday, when the rtve board will hold half of the vote in Congress. At the last moment, we discussed everything, but especially the people’s party’s veto over the joint candidate. People accept that church groups claim in some way that they are in the judiciary, but their veto delays everything.

In the past few hours, negotiations have also begun to discuss the number of council members, which goes beyond the 10 to 10 vowel proposal previously agreed by PSOE and PP. One of the most difficult issues to reach an agreement is the president, who, in theory, will be a consensus but forward-looking person, based on the agreements that have been reached in recent months. The name of pilar Teso is still the most likely, though no one ruled out surprises at the last minute of the negotiations. This time, the name seems to be preserved, even when the agreement is announced, and only when the vowel specifies it, to prevent it from happening like judge Manuel machena.

In 2018, according to the principle of agreement between PSOE and the people’s party, he was appointed as the president of the judiciary and eventually resigned, because the people’s party believed that thanks to him, he could “control the second chamber of the Supreme Court through the back door”, and the Supreme Court was the most important, trying major corruption crimes and lawsuits. Greater precautions are being sought to prevent a third failure of the agreement, which also nearly closed in August 2020.

This battle is in the narrative of the agreement, on how to calculate it, because Teodoro Garc í a EGEA, the negotiator of the people’s party, did a good job a few days ago to ensure that we could not participate in the Security Council. On the cope network Monday, the Secretary General of the people’s party said that the church party would not have “someone” as a judge of the ruling body. This has been accepted by the PSOE.

The biggest uncertainty is what kind of presence Paul’s church will have, because the SPD always says they will have representatives. From the United Nations, we can say that they believe that the Socialists will not leave them, because it is like saying “they have changed their partners” and now they want to reach an agreement with the people’s party.

Together, we can assume that this agreement is negotiated with the people, and the socialist sector can do the same, but only if they have at least two representatives close to their political sensitivity. Otherwise, it will be a very serious split within the alliance, which does not seem to be in the PSOE’s plan at present. This is an issue that complicates the conclusion of the negotiations, which, according to all sources, are imminent, but have yet to be completed despite the ongoing meetings and discussions between the two groups.

The PP will insist that two names it proposed to the Council a few months ago are excluded: the name of judge Jose Ricardo de Prada, the key figure in the G ü RTEL case, which led to the overturning of Mariano Rajoy’s no confidence motion and was therefore cursed by the PP and Vicki Russell, A judge who used to be a member of the joint conference is now a government representative against gender based violence.

People’s party sources admitted on Wednesday that they could not “stop” the Federation from asking other recognized progressive judges to become final members. Judge Ignacio Espinosa, for example, is the uncle of Alberto gason, the Minister of consumption, but his career is unquestionable because he has been president of the larioha high court for 15 years. Espinosa is a spokesman for the association of Progressive Democratic judges.

In the people’s party, they insist that we can “withdraw from the negotiations” and point out that the 12 elected vowel judges come from the 50 judges’ list set by the judges themselves in 2018, so we will not nominate them. There are eight vowels on the edge. They are jurists and are not on the list. The people’s party emphasizes that they must also be “recognized prestige”.

Another discussion about the negotiation is how to include PNV. PNV is an ally of the government. It has always shown interest in participating in this body. In this body, it has a representative in history, and there was also a representative at that time, although it seems that independent people are not interested now. The position of a judge with close ties to the Nationalists seems safe, but it is not clear whether it is part of the PSOE or PP quota.

If the socialists divide their share among several people, they will be in a very weak position, while the people’s party seems to have no intention of allocating their share to another major right-wing party, vox. Citizens are excluded because they do not share this form of judicial choice. Therefore, if the socialist party shares their share, the people’s party will have a larger and more homogeneous group, even though the socialist party has 32 more seats than the people’s party and occupies the government seats.

This agreement is in line with cassado’s strategy, that is, to ease himself after his condemnation motion of breaking with Vox, but it is still sensitive to his interests, because the background is that the people continue to be closely harassed by extreme right elements. The seats of extreme right elements in Catalonia elections have nearly quadrupled, and the votes have doubled.

On Wednesday, the leader of the people’s Party acknowledged for the first time the “short-term cost” of breaking up with Santiago abascal’s party, but reiterated that he would continue on this path, representing a moderate right-wing centrist and deepening his separation from vox. “I do not seek any votes that do not seek coexistence. “I did take a step forward, and I’m not going to take a step back,” cassado said in a congressional debate, in which he softened his tone toward Sanchez.

The people’s leader’s team knows that this agreement will be used by Santiago abaskar to weaken the people’s party, which is why they want to wait until after the election in Catalonia to close it to avoid election costs. In fact, the agreement was reached ten days after these elections. Before he knew whether an agreement would be reached, Abbas Carr expected that he would bring charges against the married man. “Mr. cassado, what bad things are you doing, what bad things are you doing to your party and Spain, saying that you want to reach an agreement with Pedro Sanchez, as if this is not an agreement with Iglesias,” he told him during the debate.

The vox leader accused the BJP and even the “accomplices” in the street riots because he had reached an understanding with the government. Vox manipulated a new denunciation motion and continued to try to challenge the opposition leadership of the people’s party.

With the pulse going right rather than open, cassado hopes that the agreement with Sanchez on the renewal of higher education institutions will not be the last. The leader of the people’s party believes that he must “expand the room for moderation,” as he proposed to Sanchez, so that both of them can win within him, which is why he is “willing to tarnish himself” to reach an agreement with the executive.

The negotiation with the people’s party has brought additional pressure to the alliance. The alliance has gone through a difficult domestic period to realize the housing law, which is a key issue for us to unite, and there is still a long way to go to reach an agreement. The Pablo Iglesias group preferred to negotiate everything within the empowerment group, and he was a great advocate of legal reform, allowing the renewal of the judiciary without the people’s party. However, Iglesias has made it clear from the rostrum that he believes that major decisions of the country will be made within the awarding group. After this timely agreement, the people’s party will be excluded. Instead, the PSOE is comfortable with as much consensus as possible and unity with the opposition.