The Judge Is Investigating The Former “Number Two” Of Fern Á Ndez D Í Az, Who Met A Close Friend Of Villareho

2021-02-24   |   by CusiGO

Manuel Garcia castron, a judge of the National High Court, agreed to subpoena former Secretary of state for security Francisco Martinez because he held a meeting five months ago, According to reports, a retired Commissioner, Jos é Manuel villarejo, who was alleged to be part of the plot, planned to sell state secrets from prison, which he had given in advance and confirmed from legal sources. Martinez’s subpoena was issued at the request of the office of the prosecutor against corruption, which received a report from the internal affairs unit (IAU) of the police disclosing a meeting held on September 11, Among the former number two figures in the interior under the governments of Mariano Rajoy and Alfonso pazos, a prisoner shared a cell with villarejo in Madrid’s estremera prison, and he was alleged to have tried to sell police documents, some of which were subject to the official secrets act under the latter’s guidance.

According to the police report obtained by the newspaper, the police found that pazos and his mistress Maria Ascendo fern á ndez took a private car from their home in gipuzkoa to Madrid that day. After arriving in the capital at 17.45, they went to the Meli á Torre hotel in the central square of Spain and arrived at 18.10. Police officers stressed that the prisoner was carrying a black backpack and his companion was a “trolley suitcase.”.

At the hotel, agents detailed pazos’ trip to the cafe where he met Martinez at a table separate from other clients, who had been accused of spying on bassanas in 2013, but had not yet been announced at a national hearing. I’ll be at the end of October. Later, he also played against his boss, former minister Jorge fern á ndez D í AZ. A few days before the meeting with villareho’s collaborators, the former interior number two assured reporters from the country that the judge would tell him everything he knew.

Police stressed in the report that the prisoners and former senior officials of the Rajoy government “talked for about an hour.”. “At 19:18, Francisco Martinez paid for their consumer goods with a credit card and left the lobby of the hotel after saying goodbye to Alfonso pazos. Alfonso pazos is still in the hotel cafeteria asking for another consumer product, “police documents said. One of the agents followed the former Secretary of state for a few minutes and noticed that he had entered a nearby subway station.

After the police documents were included in the case, the Anti Corruption Commission asked the judge to summon Martinez as an investigator to question him about the subject of the meeting and whether the alleged villareho co-author had provided him with any information. Two police officers witnessed the meeting and asked them to confirm the contents of their report.

According to the investigation, pazos, a former soldier and a lawyer, was serving a semi free sentence in the logronho prison at that time. “He took advantage of the opportunity to leave when he was granted a prison permit to hold meetings and contacts with different people for distribution, convenience or convenience In its last letter, the prosecutor’s office stressed that negotiations with the documents of the investigated Jos é Manuel villarejo “have been in prison since his arrest in November 2017. The Anti Corruption Commission emphasizes that it is the commissioner who oversees these efforts. The conspiracy was investigated separately in macro case No. 28, which was made public after villarejo was arrested in a series of operations.

Investigators pointed out that the alleged purpose of the conspiracy was to raise funds, as part of the money they were supposed to ask for access to confidential documents came from the police and were classified as official secrets, which veraleho kept in his possession until his arrest in November 2017. In fact, its members sent documents to several journalists, including one from the country, and others, about the Catalan operation – the police action against independence – King Juan Carlos, or about us and our leader, Paul Iglesias.

Villarrejo has been boasting of preserving compromising material for individuals and institutions. In February 2017, nine months before his arrest, when the Commissioner had sensed that he was under investigation and was convinced that the judge would order a search of his residence at any time, he presumed to a reporter that he had a hidden recording: “I want to tell the [judicial] clerk: note, they took it, The affidavit of a woman named Corinne, I don’t know what it says. It’s here. ” On the same tape, the Commissioner boasted that he had copies: “don’t worry, I’ll break it, because I have many copies (…), but if I have seven copies, it’s stupid! I have seven, three of them abroad. ”

Three months later, villareho is still at large, using classified documents in court for the first time. In May 2017, he filed a complaint at a national hearing against the then director of the National Intelligence Agency, general Felix sands Roldan, in which the Commissioner claimed that he had taken 23 actions against many other alleged abnormal secret service operations, but they were not accepted.