The Government Delegation Did Not Allow More Than 500 Participants To Demonstrate In Madrid On August 8

2021-02-24   |   by CusiGO

The government will ban 8 million demonstrations in Madrid that are expected to be attended by more than 5 million people, which is in line with the standards of the Ministry of health, so it “will never” hold large-scale feminist protests in the capital as it did last year or in previous years, Jose Manuel Franco said in an interview in Madrid. So far, the delegation has received and approved “some” petitions organized by feminists calling for demonstrations on International Women’s day, because these rallies are small-scale, “keep appropriate parameters” in terms of health status, and promise to keep distance. At present, no protest has been rejected, and no request has been received from any political party or “specific relevant person”.

“The standard of health we follow is rajatabra because we have to help maintain the health of the people of Madrid,” Franco said. Organizations that plan to take more people to the streets on August 8 will ask for reflection and “alternatives” to show that “this demand for justice does not involve attacks on health.”.

As for the controversial demonstration last year, Franco said that he did not regret approving the demonstration, not only because the judicial department thought he was right, but also because “there was no objective data to ban the demonstration at that time, and only for very specific and valuable reasons can the demonstration be banned”. “I’m glad I did. It may be an infectious disease, but the mistake made at that moment was to ban it. “If we knew what was going to happen, we would also ban sports, culture or competition,” he said.

Franco pointed out that the most obvious evidence of freedom of speech and full democracy in Spain is that, for example, a demonstration in favour of rapper Pablo Hassel was held in central Madrid last week, but the delegation was not informed. “I agree to strengthen freedom of speech, This limits some laws. But legitimate protest is one thing, and destruction of public property is another, which is unacceptable in any democratic country in the world.

He said that with regard to the demonstration held in taiyangmen on Wednesday, the national police conducted a perimeter investigation, and people threw objects at the police, “they must carry out commendable containment action.”. The representative said that they had no documented organized groups that provoked the riots, but that there were people who “used these freedoms in a democracy for purposes unrelated to any demands.”. “Anyone who breaks a window or trash can has no desire to ask for anything. “The police know that some people will blow up demonstrations,” he added.